Thursday, November 13, 2008

You've got my dedication, baby, take it on

Back in late 2006 when Magnus Carlsson was promoting his second Christmas album, he took some promotional photos with armwarmers.

I think most people hated them but I thought they were absolutely brilliant. Unsurprisingly, though, they've not seen the light of day since that campaign.

You can imagine my delight, then, when I saw who's now taking up the task of bringing back armwarmers...

...more popstars should wear them.

In news that you all may actually care about, Danny's new album, still due out this December 24, is called Set Your Body Free. Very dance-pop sounding, which is a good thing.


Yuяi said...

Looks like the new armwarmers were snatched right out of Flashdance ! I don't see too many of these being sold here in Florida, but yes, all pop stars should be forced to wear them!

Paul said...

i may start wearing them. I was obsessed with leg warmers as a child, but i can see that developing with arms too :) Viva le warm arms! Why should our arms go cold in these winter months when t-shirts are still so attractive?!?!

Rick said...

I am in Paris at the moment and I have to tell you that the trend has caught on here. All the gays and metrosexuals are wearing arm warmers, dying their hair blonde and letting it flop around, occasionally twisting in the wind.

(well, not really, but wouldn't it be nice if that was the case)

(Danny is so hot despite buck teeth but even Swedes can't all be perfect)

Poster Girl said...

Yuri, why should weather get in the way of fashion?

My sister owns leg warmers. Maybe I should try to convince her to get some of these, too? Paul, perfect logic!

Rick, my excitement levels plummeted when I got to the middle of your comment :( How much better would the world be? At least better than a world in which everyone wears whatever it is Danny is wearing in the beginning of this video. Also, Paris--lucky you! Not that I've been to know, mind...