Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sweet dreams tonight

Not only is today (technically tomorrow or Monday, but they're out digitally now due to time differences) a fairly brilliant day for British singles releases, it just so happens that the brilliance of three of those releases is enhanced by the dance routines in their music videos.

Same Difference's debut single "We R One," a bit like High School Musical crossed with Melodifestivalen, has been out for quite some time now, long enough to know that as a song it stands easily on its own two feet. The video, with its reaching-for-the-sky-and-jumping-inclusive dance routine, makes it just that little bit more exciting, though.

Even though I estimate there's a 55/45 chance Paul will come out of his vacation to post this video, I still feel obligated to post it for him: their performance from tonight's X Factor of said single. Confetti! That dance routine!

It's a relief, though, to know now for sure that George Sampson's sample-riffic "Get Up On The Dance Floor" survives without the (great) video accompanying it. It does benefit from being danced along with, though. I think possibly my favorite thing about the song is the way it teases you with the Yazoo sample before doing something else and then eventually coming back to it, using it in a really great way. Conveniently, the sample's return ties in with the best part of the video--starting with George breaking through a wall--if you're watching it. It's nice to know you don't have to be to enjoy the song, though.

Speaking of short but great songs with great videos, Frankmusik's "3 Little Words" (the Stuart Price-produced version) is out now, too. Sadly, EP track "Better Off As Two" (listen to a clip of it on PopJustice--it's the second one) doesn't seem to be available digitally, which is really tempting me to buy the physical EP (hence why I haven't purchased any of the tracks besides the main single yet). I've already praised "3 Little Words" and its video (as is true of both of the songs before this one, actually), but let me just say this again: brilliant exciting electronic pop with a video that only makes you love the song more.

Moving away from dance routines (sadly), Take That's new single "Greatest Day" is out as well. It comes accompanied by the great (that word's the motif of the day, apparently) b-side "Sleepwalking" (as well as album track "Here," which is apparently on some single version) and a performance on X Factor as well (with credit to Chart Rigger).

Still love the song, still love the cheesy video which perfectly captures the song's aura for me.

There's "Do Ya," that McFly single out, too, accompanied by "Stay With Me," a cover. I know I just posted this video, but for completion's sake, here it is again.

I'll still having trouble rallying up as much enthusiasm for this album as I want to be feeling (though there are some songs I love), but hopefully one day it'll just click.


John said...

If you want to know how much of a cornball I actually am, I got momentarily choked up watching SD, knowing that they returned to "the scene of the crime" victorious. It was such a great string of videos until I got to TT, who still don't quite spark me, and then the McFly track, which just does nothing for me. That George video is pretty brilliant, IMHO.

Damian said...

Song and video of Take That brings me back to 90s, this is great and warm feeling, when MTV was full of really great pop and rock-music, not hip-hop and r'n'b that it's all about now but...I could watch it all days long and not to get bored.
About Same Difference - it's amazing how they bring so much life acting by old standards!

Poster Girl said...

Aww, John, that's so sweet! I hope it ends up being a proper return for them overall--this single just needs to do well. I really adore George's video as well; just the sort of thing for him to be doing. McFly--I'm frustrated because I feel like I lack the music knowledge and vocabulary to pinpoint and articulate why I'm being left fairly cold by this latest album. I shouldn't overstate my reaction towards it, but given my general adoration of them, the love level isn't where I want it to be.

Damian, that's exactly the right description for the Take That song!

Bas said...

Same Difference track We R One soo reminds me of H&Claire - All Out Of Love... the boy/girl duo probably helps with that as well haha

xolondon said...

Love the Gardenia version of 3 Little Words (a piano version), at least based on the sample. Cannot wait for this EP!

Poster Girl said...

Bas, I think I've heard something like one H & Claire track in my life, but they do get Steps comparisons a lot!

XO, me neither! I may be fully on board the bandwagon late, but I'm absolutely all the way on now.