Sunday, November 23, 2008

I try to be strong, believe me

Oh no. No no no no no.

Do you know what Nick Lachey's new single is?

No joke--listen to a clip of his version of it via this site.

I mean, I guess stylistically it makes sense given his last album and I actually like Nick (would I buy "All In My Head"? Definitely yes), but this seems off to me. Maybe I'm just thrown off because I would have much preferred the original group getting a hit out of it here, but, much as you could say Nick's voice fits the song based on that clip (and I might have loved it if that was my introduction to it), it kind of feels like, in both voice and production, a lot of the song's elements that made it special--beyond that melody, of course--have just been...whitewashed out, sandpapered away.



John said...

I'll reserve comment until I hear the full track, but I like it so far. The British have been very good at taking American hits and adapting them, so it makes sense that the cultural exchange should work in both directions.

Poster Girl said...

John, here's how I would describe this situation: whoever has the job of picking out and pitching songs for Nick Lachey to record did a brilliant job--for Nick, it's a good match of material to singer.

On the other hand--and granted, judging anything properly based on a 30 second clip is near impossible (and we don't get to hear the high bits of the chorus, which will really be key in if the song's pulled off)--this version is feeling underwhelming to me so far.

I guess the short way of saying this would be this: the Nick Lachey/"Patience" hook up is (possibly--no idea about actual likelihood of success) good for Nick but not as good for the song...all in my opinion, of course.

Damian said...

I'd say version of Take That was very good, and I've been playing it a lot, but Nick's version seems to be simply perfect! I haven't expect it can be so good!

Sparkling Veneer said...

As an American, not many people here are familiar with Take That, or "Patience", so it may bode well for Nick. I'm more of a fan of Take That, but from that little clip, it doesn't sound devestatingly awful. I guess we'll just have to see? I'm kind of sad that Nick is choosing a cover song...but considering his solo stuff has been sluggish on the retail tip...

Yuяi said...

Wow, I'd much prefer "Patience" to be a big hit over here, but I can't say at this point that I don't like Nick's cover. Like John, I think I'll wait for the entire clip before passing judgment.

D'luv said...


Nick doesn't come 300 miles within Take That.

Poster Girl said...

Wow, there are a lot more positive reactions than I was expecting! We'll have to see what the final thing sounds like, I guess, but I remain skeptical.

SV, I, too, would rather get an original song from him. And have Take That with a hit here.

D'luv, but he was a 2006 (2007? My memory's going) AMA nominee for best pop act! Doesn't that mean anything?