Saturday, November 22, 2008

Don't wanna pull you down with me

Since DSTP introduced me to Neo (pictured here back when he was Linus), it somehow feels like cheating to be making the song I'm posting today one of his (which I know is ultimately silly--isn't [part of] the point of writing blogs to get other people excited about the acts we love?). I really can't help myself, though--I have to say at least a little bit about his debut album, One. As an album, it's just about as camp as all get-out, though it never ventures into dance-pop. There is a lot of falsetto, but if even I can get over that--let's just say I'm usually not a fan of that technique--I think most Swede-pop lovers will find at least some songs worth keeping; I know I've really enjoyed listening to it recently.

Going into the album, I was actually pretting convinced that the song I'd end up loving most would be "Flower Power Supergirl" and, though its chorus may just be the best chorus of the album, I'm surprised to find "Higher" winning out as a song overall at the moment. It just gets me a little more excited, a little more wanting to jump around; from its opening quick beats to the natural switch to falsetto to the '80's soundtrack-goes-to-Sweden chorus, it's just so much fun, never pausing to allow you to think too much about it.They're both great, though, so even as I post "Higher" I encourage you all to go check out "Flower Power Supergirl." If you only buy three songs, I'd say go for "Higher," "Flower Power Supergirl," and "Play The Song," though the latter, though catchy, poppy, and no ballad, doesn't have a fast disco-beat underneath it.

To buy Neo's album One, go here (physical) or here (digital) or go to any country's iTunes store.

Next up: something not Swedish. Pop from a female British singer, a young male British singer, or one of two British groups, in all likelihood (i.e., probably not very likely at all).


Damian said...

My favorite is definitely Flower Power Supergirl :))

Poster Girl said...

The more time has passed since I wrote up this post (which was a few days ago--it's been a draft since then), the more and more I've come to lean in that direction, too.