Saturday, November 22, 2008

Always keep me in your mind

Doesn't Christer Björkman think he's getting all interesting and innovative with the way he's revealing contestants this year...

The man in charge of Melodifestivalen showed up on TV show Dansbandskampen, a reality show competition among dansbands, to offer "Jag tror på oss" (one of the 28 tracks already announced as being in 2009's Melodifestival) to Scotts (lead singer Henrik pictured above), a group that, as Europe Crazy pointed out, is one of the big favorites on the show (though there's some rules drama going on). "Jag tror på oss" had been sung (or reported as being sung) by Linda Bengtzing on the demo (in 2006, she sang "Jag ljuger så bra," written by the same people as "Jag tror på oss"), but there was some buzz that she might not be doing it in the contest and apparently that's turned out to be right.

Scotts have covered several great schlager songs while on the show--"Det gör ont," "Cara Mia"--but in dansband style, of course; it remains to be seen what "Jag tror på oss," originally described as fast Swedish guitar-pop with a sharp chorus, will sound like in their hands, if they do it.

(Hat-tip to Schlagerprofilerna.)


Damian said...

By the way here are videos of their performances MF covers.
I think they will be a big favorites, am I glad? Probably yes, they seem to be good artists, though dansband style is not really mine - I'm 24, not 60, lol. However they do this music with fresh breath I'd say and it's good to get a new blood on MF, it's not so cool for artists to participate in MF every year, so Linda should get a rest, we'll be waiting for her next year :)

Poster Girl said...

I really can't add anything to your commentary on any of that, Damian! I completely agree :)