Friday, November 07, 2008

Put your hands where I can see them, don't make any sudden moves

I've written quite a lot about Tony Nilsson and Bassflow on here--probably more than anyone besides me cares to know, but they really are a dream team for me; their work for Ola alone deserves to win them hall of fame-type awards and Elin Lanto's "Discotheque" is brilliance incarnate, to list some of the things they've done. You better believe, then, that I am going to take any opportunity I can get to praise their work, especially if said opportunity comes from a great new song.

Disarmed--imagine Ola's best songs crossed with the Bassflow remixes of Martin Stenmarck's singles and I think you've got an idea of what "Disarmed" sounds like. It's sung by Johan Krafman, who won a Mix Megapol contest tied into Ladies' Night (that show Martin Stenmarck's a part of) that gave him a recording contract. He did a live performance of "Disarmed" that shows that he really does have a lovely quality to his voice and that the song, even stripped down, has a strong melody. In the studio version, though, we get a Bassflow backing beat (yes, it's distinctive enough at this point that we can call it that--I mean, go listen to the chorus of Alexander Schöld's "En Historia" and tell me you don't think "oh, that's got to be Bassflow on production") underneath it that propels the song forward. It's a song that's full of electronically created noises and yet that still has more of a pop-rock feel to it than, say, "S.O.S.", though that could just be Johan's voice making me say that. Is it too much to hope that, when Johan releases his album, it's got a bunch of songs from this team on it? Well, I'll probably be interested in it either way if it's an album that this single can comfortably sit on. For now, though, I'll be playing the fantastic catchy "Disarmed" on repeat and miming along with the ridiculous over-the-top gestures this song deserves.

(Incidentally, finding a picture for this post was near impossible; put some promo photos on somewhere besides Facebook, Johan!)

To buy Johan Krafman's debut single "Disarmed," go here (digital).

Speaking of miming along complete with ridiculous gestures, I have to repost this short clip I was introduced to by Oswalds Popcorn of Danny introducing his song "Radio." Total goofball stuff--and sadly pretty much what I'm like when listening to songs I love. 35 seconds that are near guaranteed to make you smile. I love it when popstars can be just as dorky as I can.

Next up: maybe an Italian or British song.


Anonymous said...

Ahh the guy who sings in TD Lemon.
What an amazing slice of pop this is, ive now got it on repeat :D

Im on a roll today with discovering great new electro-pop and pop/rock.
I think you may like this Danish Band ive found.
Those little synths in 'Human' make it sound like something from the mid 80's.
Anyway 'More' is the song you MUST check out, the first 25 seconds made me dizzy but after that its amazing synthy electro-pop/rock.


Anonymous said...

Oh i can't resist this final song ive been raving over the past 2 weeks.
Its 'DK Rocks' and her song 'Lost In Dream'.
Orgasmic chorus, reminds me of something Max Martin would produce but shes very much new and Danish :D

Anyway i apologise for excess comments today.
I shall start a blog again sometime soon if i have the time.


Damian said...

Well, I am fan of Nilsson+Bassflow production and it was very sad for me to read in Bassflow's blog that they wrote some songs for this year MF with Tony and all of them were rejected(((
Thanks so much for "Disarmed", I like it a lot, but I'm not sure yet if it's better than "Love In Stereo" and "Discotheque", maybe I need to listen to it more. However I'm in llllllove with "En Historia", Bassflow works on Alex' new album and I expect some great songs from it.
It would be very interesting to see Velvet singing Nilsson's "The Queen" by the way (I hope her comeback to MF are not just rumours).

Poster Girl said...

Conor, you'd actually heard of his former band? Wow... Anyway, trust me, there's no such thing as too many comments, trust me (well, unless they're from a spambot)! You could (and should!) easily run your own blog, too, and it'd be pretty fantastic, but until that time, I'm thrilled to get recommendations from you! #1 Hits has done some writing about Carpark North and their best songs are synth-pop-rock of the great kind. There's actually another #1 Hits synth-pop-rock group I'll be writing about in the near future, I think, since I'm feeling the need to rave. I think I listened to some clips of DK Rocks once, was mildly interested, but never investigated further--and thank you for reminding me! "Lost In A Dream" is great (and not what my memory of their/her sound was like at all). I do love that '80's sound, I have to say.

Oh no! You're kidding--that's a shame...and they got close, too; well, hopefully we'll still get to hear them anyway. For me at this moment, I still think "S.O.S." is their peak work together, but the quality is generally so good that I always welcome anything from them. I'm actually really interested to hear Alex's album by now--it was probably always a given that I'd love the Epicentre-created "Den Första Svalan," at least in studio, but the non-acoustic version of his single before that, "Jag Hatar Dig," is great too (it's Nilsson, of course it is), and the songs he's got on his MySpace are a welcomingly different sound from the one I was expecting him to go in after "Den Första Svalan" didn't progress--"En Historia" is just lovely!

I'll take anything to finally get Velvet's next album out there--it feels like we've been waiting forever for it! There are some other female (if it is going to go to a woman) singers out there I can think of that I'd love to get a commercial music career boost, too, though, if that doesn't work out.

Poster Girl said...

By the way, Damian, do you have any idea when Alex's album might be coming out? I've not been following news updates about him.

Paul said...

Bahahahahahahaha I now love Danny 100 times more than I did before! Despite the horrific single cover!!

Damian said...

Unfortunately there's no sign of his new album yet, though I guess we can expect it next year for sure.
Yes, "Den Första Svalan" and "Jag Hatar Dig" but I didn't expect that all his stuff would sound as strong as Bassflow can, however I think we can get some great another tracks on Alex' album.
By the way management tries to promote "Fix Me" in US (I've found radio-interview with Jenny on Florida dance radio), can you say has this song any success or popularity in States?
Today "Disarmed" grew on me so much, "En Historia" and "Disarmed" my songs of this weekend! :)

Poster Girl said...

Paul, me too! It's probably scary that I've watched that clip multiple times by now.

Oh, really? I haven't heard it, but where I live most of the radio stations are very much followers, not likely to play something until it's started to pick up success elsewhere--I'll keep my ears open, though, especially since that's a song I'd love to find some success here!