Thursday, November 06, 2008

I always wanted to be together

You all remember Mihai Trăistariu, right? Romanian representative to Eurovision 2006, sang the fantastic dance song "Tornero" with one of the most epic keychanges ever? He released an album after that (a few great moments, but that was it) and I've been waiting for the follow-up to come out for ages now, ever since he started performing "Your Love Is High," a song from it, on TV shows. I think the album was supposed to come out some time last year, but it still hasn't. At least we've got the single for now.

Your Love is High--danceable pop that, even if not as over-the-top-ly brilliant as "Tornero" and ends right after a big dramatic "whyyyy" that feels like it should be the lead in to another round of the chorus instead of signaling the song's end. It's catchy and the sort of music I'm glad Mihai, with that impressive voice of his, is making; most singers of his caliber steer clear of pop, let alone dance-pop; to have someone who can sing like he can do music like this (in addition to leading to good performances) opens up some room for more drama in the studio version, which can be a very good thing.

I know of nowhere where this song can be bought, so I'll just point you in the direction of his MySpace instead.

Next up: maybe a British song or that boy band.


Aaron said...

It's a shame he hasn't released a follow-up yet. I really,really like Tornero and I didn't mind the album much at all - but I'm begging for some new stuff!!

Paul said...

I didn't remember him, but i do now!! This is fun - can't wait to hear more from him. Ooo in totally non related news that you will have no interest in, Whats Up have done songs in swedish from the camp rock soundtrack. its ever so slightly ace.

Resa said...

Mihai's attempting a return to Eurovision next year! Sakis is officially confirmed as the Greek artist, on the topic of Eurovision!

Anonymous said...

I used to really love 'Tornero' though everything else was good at first then became average for me.
Would be nice to hear a new album from him though.

I got Eva Avila's new album today which im rather impressed with actually :D
You may like the funky/r&b fused pop fun that is 'Give Me The Music'
The opening track 'No Smoke' and 'Masterplan' are also great though the rest is rather laid back (slow tempo) but great vocally.

I also downloaded Anna Abreu's latest album yesterday but deleted everything except the first three songs which are great electro-pop.
'Something About You' is fantastic after about 5 listens.


Anonymous said...

Oh and also i came across an unexpected synth-electro pop masterpiece 'The Goddess' by 'Venture', your love it.
'Down Under' is also good but the other two songs average.

Poster Girl said...

Aaron, it's been forever in coming, but...

Resa, I thought I'd heard something along those lines, but I wasn't sure! I'm really overdue for writing about Eurovision--Sakis with a DIMITRIS KONTOPOULOS song, no less! And Harel Skaat finally possibly doing what I've been wanting him to do and entering the contest!

Paul, of course I have an interest in it--they're Swedish! I think Molly Sandén and Brandur did a song for HSM 3, too.

Conor, I'm glad someone else is feeling unimpressed by the Anna album so far--I've played "You Don't Get Me A Few Times," I appreciate what "Vinegar is trying to do, and I'll try "Something About U" a few more times, but in general I'm left cold--I tried to work out why in a comment over on DSTP, but I still haven't figured it out. How do you find all these artists? You're right, I do love "The Goddess"! Incidentally, I've finally found a proxy that works for me, so yay for MySpace! Eva's new album is good? I've gone back and forth on whether to get it; I think she's got great popstar potential, but I wasn't sure if she'd get good songs. I'll give it a listen if you say it's good!