Thursday, November 06, 2008

I wanna know why you wanna throw me away

The basic premise of Enrique's latest single and music video seems to be Enrique going "Leona, you think you've got a monopoly on epic sounding production? And OneRepublic, you think you're the only ones who can make epic ridiculous videos about death? Hah! I prove you wrong!"

For him, the video's a chance to gently emote, sing while dying (haven't you already been dying on the ground next to a car in a video before, Enrique? Make sure you've seen that video before watching the bottom video in this post, by the way), and stand among fields of grain.

For the rest of us, it's an opportunity to go "Ooo, look how pretty Enrique is."

(For all my joking and talking about how "Takin' Back My Love" is more exciting, I really do like "Away.")

If that was a bit serious for you, you can watch the canceled original version of Enrique's video for "Don't Turn Off The Lights." Apparently he was given some free rein to make it, came back with this, and the label, upon seeing it for the first time, freaked out and ditched it, instead releasing a significantly less interesting less video. You want proof that Enrique doesn't take himself seriously? You got it. In fact, you want proof Enrique is probably crazy? Ditto.


John said...

I'm sitting in a coffee shop, watching "Lights", and trying not to laugh out loud. That is one of the best videos I have seen in a LONG time. The label was crazy for not releasing that! Loved the leather/bear bar, and the doctor's office, and...the whole thing!

Aaron said...

Hahaha - That video is CLASSIC!

I'm a partial Enrique fan - Own Insomniac, love some of the earlier stuff - but i'm not going to line up for this! My fav. track is Not In Love

Rick said...

Sorry, PPG, I just can't take Enrique remotely seriously. It's the hair. It's terrible.

Yuяi said...

Who knew Enrique had a sense of humor?! And I just knew he was gonna end up with the big girl in the end too! LOL

Paul said...

brillopad and tampons! This is ace of base :) Oh i do enjoy slightly funny Enrique. And clearly he is not the only one thinking Leona can do onerep Leona, Beyonce stole her tune!!

Poster Girl said...

It really should be legendary! I can't imagine the panic the label must have felt, though.

Aaron, I understand; hopefully we'll get another new album from him at some point.

Rick, it's tough, but I'll try to fight through that.

You'll have a whole new understanding of everything you see him do after this; it really changes your whole perception of him.

Paul, where do you get your expressions? We're on the same page--I almost mentioned "Halo" here too, but it didn't fit with the flow of the post.