Friday, November 07, 2008

Please, please, please come put my heart at ease

Like the Wave videos a little while back, here's another video I kept hoping would show up on YouTube, stopped checking for, and then stumbled across months later: the music video for Swedish singer Jamie Meyer's "Good Girl." I'd seen it before--it's on the album--but, though it's nothing that's a must-watch by any stretch, it's such a cute fit with the fun upbeat teen-pop-rock song it was made to promote that I think it helps explain why I've got such positive feelings towards Jamie from this era. If me in 2003 (the year this single came out) had been admitting to liking music and somehow heard of this, she would have completely adored it.

In other great Jamie Meyer news, his debut album is now available in all iTunes stores--yes, even in the U.S.! "Good Girl" and "Psycho" are the standouts, but there are some other good songs, too.


Paul said...

It's a tiny bit like Click Five before they decided to get all credible on our asses. I mean i still like them but where is the Pop Princess?! And what a swell guy entertaining the movie theatre while they fixed the projector.

Damian said...

Very cool song by Jörgen Elofsson, ex-Cheiron team disappoints rarely, never heard about Jamie before. His new songs on myspace are more ordinary though I really like "Valentine's Day" and "This Is It".

Looking for information about him I've opened article on Wikipedia about "Popstars" show and remembered about Nexx. Didn't know before that Robert Skowronski was back-singer of Elin Lanto on MF-2007. Niklas Kings of 2N Productions revealed that new single for Nexx is ready and album will be soon.

Isn't is a shame that we didn't get B-Tween single released finally by the way?

Poster Girl said...

Paul, speaking of TC5, I've got a post on them that's been sitting as a draft for quite some time...I should dust it off and post it at some point. I think your comment, though, just sums up everything I was trying to say so much more succinctly!

It's an interesting experience, listening to an entire album of light pop-rock songs from Jörgen! I didn't know that about Robert either. It's about time we get an album from them, though they've really been playing havoc with my Ex to N.E.X. to Nexx--what's next? It's so funny you mention B-Tween--I was just thinking about them the other day! I can't remember what prompted it now...but yes, I would have been very interested to hear more from them. Jumping back to Jamie, he used to have a link to BWO's site on his official site, a gesture which I loved--he and Martin were in Popstars together.