Friday, November 14, 2008

Jag är tillbaks?

With credit to PubliSpain, Naked, the debut album of Dutch singer Nikki, whose Kelly Clarkson-ish song "Bring Me Down" is really shaping up to be one of my favorite singles of the year, can be listened to in its entirety here. Good news: another version of "Brief & Beautiful" (though it plays as track 8, not track 9 as labeled)! Just what the world needed.

Surely Markoolio can't be imitating Lady GaGa's "Poker Face" in his new song ("The Markoolio Anthem")? I mean, the turnaround time given when "Poker Face" started taking off in Sweden...they just couldn't have done it quickly enough...could they? But what other (modern, unless we think he's going Boney M.) reason would there be for that very distinctive "ma ma ma ma" after the chorus (not the one near the chorus's beginning)? It's a heck of a coincidence otherwise.

I am beyond thrilled that finally, finally I was able to buy John Barrowman's "What About Us." My love of that song (an ultimate sing-along-in-your-car, clenched-fists sort of melodic power ballad) still remains at unhealthy levels--I'm blaming you, Gary Barlow.

Speaking of Popjustice-featured songs, I also love Britain's Got Talent winner George Sampson's debut single, "Get Up On The Dance Floor." Yes, he won for being a dancer, not any sort of musician, but that hasn't stopped me from playing this song (via its video), basically a mash-up of a bunch of famous dance tracks, multiple times. I will absolutely not back down on my love of this.

Also on the front of tracks that will probably be marketed towards British kids but that I adore, we've also got Same Difference's "We R One." Paul already analyzed the video, so instead I'll just leave it at this: fantastic song and fantastic dance routine for the chorus, especially during the whole "together, together, we're coming undone" second half of the chorus. Just as he did when writing for Marie Serneholt's solo album, Jörgen Elofsson's done a great job of making a song that harks back to '90's pure pop but that's still enjoyable for today. I wish he'd make songs like this--as opposed to the ballads he seems to mainly produce now--more often.


Robbie said...

Am I crazy in thinking Marie's 2006 album was supposed to get a U.S. release??

And, yeah, I'm signed into my wrong 'commenting account,' but I'm too lazy (read: drunk) to change it.

P.S. Wonder if the Same Difference geeks do sex? I know they're brother and sister and all, but fame is a lonely game.

John said...

You've got to hand it to Cowell...he might have a future in this "promoting pop phenomenons" business. And Same Difference keeps popping into my head at odd hours of the day.

Paul said...

Dluv - my fave Same Diff moment is back when they were on the x factor and on the spin off "after the live show" xtra factor, someone asked the contestants the weirdest place they had sex. Sean said "in a toilet in Gran Canaria". Make of that what you will :)

That George Sampson is a cute little critter isn't he? His and the S'Diff dance routine have replaced my morning cardio routine. And yay for the Barrowboy! His album's finally out monday (ps did you ever check out the Barlow penned Proud from Britannia High> Gorge)

Poster Girl said...

Robbie, what is this "sex" you and Paul speak of?

John, maybe, but I don't really think he's proven himself yet. Not only does the song keep popping in my head, I feel compelled to do the dance moves whenever it does, too (though I've managed to restrain myself so far).

Paul, they both make me wish I had any dancing skills whatsoever! I wonder if the Barrowman album has any other good songs on it...I'm not expecting it, but it would be a pleasant surprise. "Proud" is quite lovely! Also, I'm glad you did not condemn me for liking the George Sampson song--not that I was thinking you in particular would, but I wasn't sure that I would escape that in general!