Thursday, November 13, 2008

I used to laugh it off, I used to look the other way

It's been out for, what, half a year now? And yet I've still never been able to figure out what I make of Erik Hassle's soul-voiced but not '60's ballad "Hurtful," insistent drums and all. My stand for most of that time has been that it's missing that spark, that it's not as good as it wants to be. A song that I might grow to like more if I heard it on the radio around here, was exposed to it more and it sunk in. Every now and then, though, I think that I love it, that it's brilliant, interestingly emotional, that it deserves far more attention. And then I won't play it again for a month.


Damian said...

IMHO it's one of the greatest swedish songs of this year, I'm not tired of it already few monthes and I guess I won't long time. So pity it hasn't suceeded in swedish chart :(

Anonymous said...

Ooh he has a great voice.
Quite like the song though i agree it doesnt sound like something worth putting on repeat.

I have got the new US5 today and unfortunately its yet another one to add to the exceptional high list of dissapointing albums this year.
In fact theres not been one album bar Ferras, Agnes & Stanfour that i can cope playing all the way through yet.

Anyway back to US5.
The album overall is about a 6/10 but there are three songs on there which you would definately love.
'Make It Last For Live' is possibly the biggest N*Sync ripoff ive ever heard, the chorus is identicial to 'Its Gonna Be Me' but thats what makes it so great.
'Relax' is the albums best song, its very much modern hip pop sounding and an enjoyable song.
'Nothing Left To Say' is perhaps one of the highlights, a cross between RedOne electro-pop amazingness and N*Sync 'Bye Bye Bye'.

Also 'Don't Let Me Go' & the single 'Round & Round' are on the very good side. But the rest of the songs are horrid, gimmiky and extremely! rushed with their worst vocals yet.

So it makes the album turn out a rather mixed affair in the end.
Im not sure why 'The One' never made the album in the end as its better than 90% of the songs on there.

Anyways i think ive gone on enough haha.

Oh and 'Britney Spears - Circus' is sounding a tad dissapointing from the leaked clips to.

Maybe Darin & Danny Saucedo's album will save what has to be a poor year for pop unforuntately.


EQ said...

Oooh - I like this one PPG. Great find as always.

Raj :)

Poster Girl said...

It has gotten some radio play, though, at least! I feel like it's kind of hung around for a long time, in a way.

Conor, just like there's no such thing as too many comments, there's no such thing as too long a comment! I listened to those songs and a few others earlier on your advice--those vocals...sometimes they really do make you realize how important those are, something which I think I often take for granted in boy band songs! That's not to say that (some of) the songs never manage to overcome those, but I just don't know how the tracks left the studio sounding like that in some cases. It hasn't been a banner year for pop albums, you're right; I'm really hoping we'll receive something (preferably multiple somethings) near the end of the year to bring us out on a high note.

I'm glad (though surprised! But then again you do like more than electro) you like it, Raj!