Friday, November 14, 2008

Ho dato fiducia al buio

(This is a post written a week ago.)

Unlike the appropriately gorgeous day we had on Wednesday, today has been overcast, not really freezing but with a biting wind, the ground stained from last night's rain, and I couldn't help thinking "This really is the perfect day for Tiziano Ferro's latest album to have hit the Internet," given what its opening track sounds like. It's a bit too early for me to write anything about it yet, though, so instead, today's song will be one Tiziano wrote but does not perform.

You may remember that Tiziano got in trouble for plagiarism once before when he released the excellent "Stop! Dimentica," dark brooding pop which, depending on your reference points and time frame, either resembled Visage's "Fade To Grey" or Kelly Osbourne's "One Word." Now it seems he's been accused of plagiarism once again. This time, it's for the similarities between "Novembre," the song he wrote produced for reality show contestant Giusy Ferreri, and a remix of Amy Winehouse's "Back To Black." Oh Tiziano.

Regardless, "Novembre" is a good song with an interesting sound--it's still influenced by the Motown revival going on, but as opposed to ape that sound straight-up, it puts a strong dance beat underneath the '60's-styed vocalizing.

I don't know anywhere where international residents can buy "Novembre," but you can always pay ridiculous import prices for a physical version of her earlier single "Non Ti Scordar Mai Di Me" here. Her new album, Gaetana, is out in Italy today, but I haven't heard it yet.

Next up: maybe that boy band song. Hey, at least I've finally gotten through some of the things I said I was going to write about!

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