Friday, November 28, 2008

He looks like a million dollar to you

One of the best parts of my year is seeing a new Danny album cover. Let's be honest, topping this

is always going to be near impossible. Still, the album cover for Set Your Body Free (still due out December 24) is just the Danny we've come to expect.


Rick said...

Danny used to give me heart palpatations, but I'm not keen on this androgynous lesbian look he's sporting now.

Bas said...

i have to agree with the above haha

Poster Girl said...

Danny's never really worked in that way for me, so most levels of ridiculousness from him are fine for me, as long as the good music keeps coming. The single cover for "Radio" did scare me, though!

Bas said...

let's hope the content of the album is better than the cover ;)

Bas said...

tracklist according to

1 Radio
2 Kiss You All Over
3 Emely
4 Utopia
5 All On You
6 Unite This Heart
7 Need To Know
8 Set Your Body Free
9 Running Away
11Turn Off The Sound
12Just Like That
Bonus Tracks
13If Only You

seems like we got 2 oldies as bonus tracks ...