Friday, November 28, 2008

Diamond that lasts forever

You can listen to all of Darin's new album, Flashback, here; I'm torn on whether to do so or not, given electronically-based music doesn't always come across clearly in low quality, but I'll probably end up listening eventually.


Anonymous said...

Well ive ending up giving in and listening to it all on repeat.
Soo excited for the HQ.
The RedOne songs are amazing, i cant decide whether 'Dance' or 'Girl Next Door' are the best thing RedOne has produced ever.
The rest of the songs sound good in an 8.5/10 way so far though the David Jassy track 'Karma' is definately worth a 10.
Certainly one of 2008's best albums.

Poster Girl said...

I caved in, too, Conor, though I've only listened to it all once. The HQ is REALLY going to be the deciding factor for me--I can't wait to hear it! I'm glad the album is living up to "one of the best of the year" status for you.

I didn't know how to appropriately work it into the post itself, so instead I'll just mention in the comments here that I'm absolutely stunned about the recent news involving David Jassy.

Anonymous said...

It certainly is a great album though i suppose a few more tracks (uptempo ones) would of been good.
Im thinking 'Paradise' may well become my favourite in the long term, its more pure pop then the rest and not Redone produced as i find i love the RedOne songs instantly, play them to death and end up being unable to cope with hearing then a month later.
Being one of the best albums of the year is an easy thing to do unfortunately considering every comeback album, including Britneys, have left me dissapointed so far.
Im extremely happy with the Britannia High album though which is really quite great from start to finish.

Shocking and disgusting news about David Jassy btw, reading the article now.


AcerBen said...

I'm sure I will end up loving certain tracks on this album when I get it in HQ.. but I'm bitterly disappointed there's not one mega cheesy epic ballad on there like Everything But The Girl or Homeless. He does them so well. I suppose What If is the nearest to that, but.. :( I know he's trying to evolve as an artist and everything but still... shame.

Damian said...

Album seems to be really great, I'd say Darin is male version of Lady Gaga - for example "Girl Next Door" sounds just like "Just Dance" because of RedOne. However "Flashback" sounds already much-much better than "The Fame" and "Break The News".

Anonymous said...

Indeed 'Girl Next Door' sounds like Pokerface & Just Dance mixed together.
It seems pretty likely then that 'Dance' & 'Girl Next Door' will be singles at some point though i think 'Seasons Fly' is the second single.

I think 'Paradise' actually sounds like something id expect on the next Mans Zelmerlow/Danny Saucedo album.


Poster Girl said...

Conor, I agree with you on the fact that a few more real up-tempo tracks wouldn't have gone amiss. You're exactly right about "Paradise"--it is a really great surprise, though, as you say! I think Britney's album benefits a lot from the inclusion of bonus tracks--its strike rate isn't amazing, but out of, what, 19 tracks I can make a pretty solid (if short) album.

Ben, I know it's not really the same, but maybe the live-on-the-radio ballad version of "Breathing Your Love" will help a little bit?

I know what you mean, Damian! It's odd because Darin worked with RedOne before GaGa, but RedOne has really developed that "signature sound" of his with GaGa, so every time I hear that kind of electronic horn noise, I think I'm going to associate it with her. There's a little bit of "Taking Back Your Love" in "Girl Next Door," too, I think (that "oh, ohoh" backing vocal type of thing), though obviously that's a song very influenced by "Just Dance."