Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I know exactly what I'm gonna do

Given the whole holiday season, today's post will be (OK, really) short.

Lovely Alesha has a new album out and, for me, the main non-single highlight is (so far) this track, a fun quirky up-tempo track that is, oddly enough, the work of an American producer (as well as a co-writer of Rihanna's "Umbrella"). It's a song that few people but Alesha could probably pull off as well as great catchy fun.

To buy the album from which this song comes, go here (physical).


Yuяi said...

I'm really digging the new Alesha album. Quite poppy indeed. Great song you've highlighted too, PPG.

Aaron said...

I haven't yet got around to listening (or ordering) this, I really must do that...

Ms. Melismatic said...

I <3 "The Boy Does Nothing" and "Breathe Slow", but the rest needs time to grow on me, I think.

Anonymous said...

Im really not sure whether to get her album or not.
I love 'The Boy Does Nothing', the album clips sound fairly good.
'Let's Get Excited' sounds fairly good but not sure on it yet.

All week though ive been thinking about how i cant wait for 3rd December just for Darin's new album haha.
The title track has just appeared on youtube to listen to
From the beginning i was expecting another RedOne club banger but its a slow/mid-tempo synth pop track and its very good.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh ive just realised if you go that user of the video i sent you the whole album is there to listen to (L) (L)
Im trying not to give in but ive just blasted out Roadtrip and its amazing.

Poster Girl said...

Definitely one of the highlights for me, Yuri!

Aaron, I would listen to the clips before ordering it all. Conor and Ms., the album is--so far--leaving me cooler than I would like; there are a few great tracks, but in general it's nowhere near as good or as fun as I was hoping for. Maybe it'll change with time, though!