Friday, November 28, 2008

You gotta save me, honey

I need opinions on something: do you think the singer on this is Velvet?

Technically what that is is a demo for Lutricia McNeal--if "Same Same Same" and this song are anything to go by, her next album, whenever it gets released, will actually be pretty great, as well as pretty fun--but the voice sounded familiar to me, and after a little bit of thinking about it I thought maybe it might be Jenny; that opening "ooo, it's on my mind" sounds like her to me, but her voice isn't distinctive enough for me to ID for sure (and that's in a backing vocal-type part anyway). The most important thing about the song, though, is that it's fun, part pop, part dance, and disco.

What does anyone think? And, if you don't think it's her, am I alone in thinking the voice sounds familiar--who is it? Or is it just a matter of a studio voice chosen to be kind of generic?

(I should probably say that this song is by Anton Malmberg, who co-wrote "Same Same Same" and Magnus Carlsson's "Walking In My Shoes"...and I should also probably point out that Anton's co-written a lot of Luigi Masi's songs, including presumptive next single "Strangers Again.")


Jump! said...

I think this sounds like Velvet. I agree about her voice being hard to ID. From the vocals and the production I would be willing to say its Velvet.

Damian said...

I'm 99,999999999999999999% sure it's Velvet, I don't think that Jenny's voice is so generic and I can't remember any other voice that sounds such similar to her and it's so in Velvet's style...
So thanks so much for it!!!!!! I've been waiting for something from Jenny so long. So it's not gonna be her song? You're totally sure it's a demo of the song for Lutricia, right?
I don't know how it will sound by Lutricia but with Velvet's voice it sounds brilliant!

Oliver said...

Yep, I'm pretty sure it's Velvet too. Great to hear other songs like that. Normally her second album is due for Feb. 2009!!

Damian said...

If Velvet will participate in MF then probably in March 2009 ;)
The situation isn't even funny already, we have already 5 singles from Velvet's album + "The Queen" if she will be singing it + "Radio Star" = 7 singles!!! So we'll have only 3-5 new songs on the album when (or if) it will be finally released :( Not really smart management.

By the way I like "Strangers Again", I'm turning to Anton Malmberg's fan :)

If Lutricia has some great swedish songwriters on her album doesn't it prove that she due to rumours can be MF-wildcard? ;) I feel like I'm gonna fall in love with "Same, Same, Same" :) So I'll be glad if she will be.

raspberry29 said...

It is Velvet I think, sounds just like her!

You should do a post on Luigi Masi. The music he has on his MySpace is great. Especially "Pull The Trigger".

Alexander said...

It's Velvet, yes.

Poster Girl said...

Oh, good, thank you SO much guys :D I really wasn't sure!

Damian, I'm not POSITIVE it's a demo for Lutricia, but Anton has the song labeled as a demo and his MySpace says he's done a song of that title for Lutricia, so that's what I'm presuming this is, but it could be that this is a demo version of Velvet's own version of the track--I hope it's her that ends up releasing it (as an album track, I'd say it should be, but a great one). I really can't believe what's going on with Velvet's album, either--it really doesn't seem thought out properly at all.

Raspberry29, I've stayed away from writing anything about Luigi because there are so many...heated reactions to him--one of those things where I imagine people have strong opinions one way or the other and nothing is really going to change them whichever side I weighed in on--but I may have to blur the line a little bit.