Sunday, November 02, 2008

Don't want your pity or praise, don't wanna hear it's a phase

Not that I've been obsessively checking iTunes for this single or anything, but...

Here it is!

(For a short time, as usual.)

Do you know, I've been thinking for a while (and may have actually said on here at some point) that it's probably actually criminal that I've never posted any Alcazar song. I mean, I posted a song featuring them, but they weren't technically the main artists.

Unfortunately, until they bless us with another track (please let it be better than "Inhibitions"!), that probably won't change; I expect most readers with any interest in Swedish pop already have quite an extensive Alcazar collection.

Until then and even once that happens, we can enjoy today's artist. Even beyond his work with Alcazar, he has a back catalogue filled with gems. His solo Melodifestivalen entries, "Lev Livet!" and the Bosson-does-"Take On Me" "Live Forever" were both excellent top-shelf pop (with the latter being significantly better than Bosson's own version of the track) and tracks like "Crazy Summer Nights" (should have been the second single and released in summer 2007), "Don't You Worry" (should have been the third single and released in fall/winter 2007...that "Christmas single" type of thing), and "What About Love" (what the heck, only a bonus track?) are real treats that everyone should own.

News about "Walking In My Shoes" posted on his official site was illustrated with this picture...

...and that really sums up this song (though that's not the single cover--this is). It's modern pop-disco and totally proud of that fact, and I wouldn't have it any other way. And since I now know what that sample is from (thank you, commenter!), I can listen to it without any distractions. That chorus, in all its parts, is pure perfect Swedish pop. You all have no idea how happy it makes me that somewhere in the world, people make music like this. Everything, from the disco clangs and swooshes and "oh oh oh"s and "woah-oh-oh"s to that chorus melody to Magnus's voice, brings a smile to my face.

Incidentally, the writers of this song are Anton Malmberg and Felix Persson. If you visit Anton's MySpace, you'll find that his discography includes a 2008 song called "Jump Straight Into The Fire" by Alcazar! I know absolutely nothing about that track beyond that, though.

I imagine by tomorrow or Wednesday, you'll be able to buy this single from here (digital). Maybe most important, though, is buying the greatest hits album it's meant to promote; you can preorder here (physical) or presumably from the same digital link as above. It comes out November 12. I'm not kidding about everyone needing to own "Live Forever," "Crazy Summer Nights," "Don't You Worry," and "What About Love," either--pick up Live Forever - The Album for those (though you'll need to buy the digital version for that last track).

Next up: maybe I'll finally get to that boy band song.


Aaron said...

I LOVE IT! Thank you very much - I think I have an album to buy :)

Len W said...

Even before Alcazar, Magnus' stint as lead singer of Barbados produced some fantastic songs. "Världen Utanför" and "Allt Som Jag Ser" are their Melodifestivalen hits, but the Barbados single collection has lots more.

Paul said...

oh thank god Magnus is back. And Danny. And Darin! It's all too too exciting. I freaking love those shoes, though i would never wear them myself. I remember putting on a disco play for the kids at a summer camp i worked at in NY and falling in my platform boots spraining my ankle. Ouch! What is not ouch is this glorious single that will be playing long and loud all day :)

Schlager Queen said...

he is fab! hope he comes back to MF soon!

Poster Girl said...

Aaron, I'm so glad you're going to buy the album :D That's exactly the point of me posting songs--to get people to buy music! Plus, he's done so much great work over the years that I definitely think you'll find at least some things you enjoy on it.

Len, I really was remiss in not mentioning more about his time with Barbados in this post. I own their greatest hits and they really have done some great songs over the years, many with Magnus.

Paul, we're getting spoiled! Now if Måns really had kept to his original plan of releasing something this October, I just don't know what I would have done to cope with it all. The sparkles are pretty fantastic, but the question is do they come accompanied by an iconic outfit? I'm thrilled you love the song--I completely do!

Thank goodness for Magnus. "Live Forever" not progressing beyond its semifinal really was the crime of 2007--I'd love to see him back.

Zore said...

Carlsson is a very musical name. Lucky for us that listen to their music

Poster Girl said...

Ha ha, yes! Thank goodness for musical Carlssons.