Monday, November 03, 2008

I wanna run--what?

Sorry for the bit of gloating, but "Smash Into You" from Beyoncé's new album is so totally Jon McLaughlin's "Smack Into You" (not that he helped write it--I've read nothing that supports that idea) with a little bit of lyrical alteration.


Q said...

he did. he even received the song writing credit on Beyonce's version. (according to wikipedia)

i'm all set to HATE her version of it. i bet it's oversung and just plain UGH.

Q said...

also, if you compare smack with Jon's other songs, there are a lot of similarities. the feel of it. and the use of a single phrase as a chorus. the simplicity of it is what i love about a lot of his songs.

Poster Girl said...

Argh--I adore his version so much; the fact that it's getting released by Beyoncé, though it'll surely get him a good deal of money if he's one of the writers as you say, means that his version won't be, which is just so frustrating.