Saturday, November 01, 2008

You heard what love can do to you

Dear person in control of the music at my local dining hall,

I love you. I know we've never met, but what obstacle can age or gender possibly be? If you're a girl or gay guy, I want to be your best friend and if you're a straight guy, I want to date you. Usually we just get some radio station piped in (usually country or oldies), but lately, at certain times, we're getting stuff that's infinitely better. The Backstreet Boys' greatest hits? Jesse McCartney (second) album tracks? New Kids on the Block's "Twisted"? It's like you're communicating to me via one of those high-pitched dog whistles--no one else understands or is even aware, but I totally get you.

Please write back. I need to know what your hours are so I don't accidentally walk in while "Ring Of Fire" is playing again.

Poster Girl


D'luv said...

It was me, luv. Tomorrow I'll play Fast Food Rockers' "I Love Christmas" just for you since a) it's roast beef day with those garlic mashed potatoes you like so much, and b) it's officially the holiday season!


Paul said...

You said xoxo! Like Gossip Girl. It sounds somehow much sweeter typed by you. For some reason this may be my very very favourite blog post ever. EVER.

D'luv said...

You know you love me.


Poster Girl

Poster Girl said...

D'luv, but you have to wear one of the outfits from the video--take your pick. I'll work on the dance routine!

Paul, wow! And awwww. And thank you! Wow.

xolondon said...

No I said XOXO!

And I agree with Paul that this is a classic post!

Yuяi said...

What a fun post! I think some Fast Food Rockers would be a great addition too. Oh and seeing D'luv in the outfit ought to be a scream. LOL XOXO!

Poster Girl said...

XO, first your Middle Eight, now your XO...what's left to you?

Yuri, I just hope he can find a pair of moonboots somewhere.

John said...

I have occasionally had those moments where the in-store or restaurant music was SO good, I wanted a copy of it on a CD or a subscription to the service. Thankfully, I'm not the only music geek. Classic stuff right here!