Friday, October 03, 2008

You saved me with a sound

Not that I'm obsessive or anything, but you can listen to the studio version of Elin Lanto's "Discotheque" on Catchy Tunes' MySpace. Sadly, it's in low quality, but I would imagine it's better quality than those videos we've heard it from so far. I'm holding off my final verdict until I hear the high quality version.

(Yes, the computer is back...came back without any programs on it, but with all documents saved, thank gooodness.)


John said...

Welcome back to teh Interwebs. Love the's very Kylie "Light Years" era, isn't it?

Poster Girl said...

It is! I think that's what I love about Elin's transformation--she's got the right sort of goal in mind; she really wants to be a proper popstar, I think.

(And thank you!)

Yuяi said...

PPG, I'm glad your computer's back and that your docs were saved. It does suck about the apps tho. I feel your pain. I'm really liking the new Elin. I'm sure a HQ mp3 will be making the rounds soon enough.