Saturday, October 04, 2008

Take your shoes off

I would have posted today's song earlier if not for the computer drama. Sadly, there's something about it that sounds a little different from the version on the radio, but none of the remixes I've listened to since then have matched up either, leaving the radio edit as the closest I can get.

(The video really is pretty lovely--it's got a pretty cinematographic look to it, especially coming from a Swedish artist [I love Sweden, but a lot of its artists tend to make cheap-looking videos. Watch this one using YouTube's high quality option if you can.)

Strawberry--the debut single from producer Adrian Lux, "Strawberry" features some of Those Dancing Days (and the vocals are theirs). As I mentioned, my memory of the version I heard on the radio doesn't quite line up with this version, thought that could just have been some things being lost due to lower radio quality; the version I thought I remembered hearing but probably didn't really smoothed out some of the electro backing, not taking down the song's tempo at all but giving it a more chilled feeling. Even as is, though, the song, like the video, is still pretty lovely, with the crisp electro-dance raindrops providing a background for the apparently innocently-styled vocal part.

To buy Adrian Lux's new single "Strawberry," go to any iTunes store or here (digital). Since this is a new single and it's easy for anyone to purchase, it'll only be posted for a short time.

Next up: maybe a Belgian artist or another new Swedish song.


Paul said...

This is really quite lovely. I loved your comment about the swedish acts videos. They tend to be cheaper than a Girls Aloud promo but often strangely charming with it. This video seems a bit high end!! It totally works though :) Glad your computer woes are done...

Anonymous said...

I like the song. It was played in my computer like a 15 times \o/

Poster Girl said...

I'm glad you like it, Paul :) Me too!

Yay! I'm so happy to hear that :D