Friday, September 26, 2008

Another 30-second update from a temporarily hijacked computer: on Wednesday, the IT people told me it takes a week on average to deal with my problem. If the computer is alive when I get it back, hopefully I'll be back around then.

In good news, the lack of computer should hopefully force me to get more work done. In bad news, it is INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING to not be able to listen to any of "Womanizer" or "The Boy Does Nothing." Or any of Monrose or Will Young if they're out there. Sigh.


Yuяi said...

Hey PPG, check your email for one of those "newly leaked" songs. :) Enjoy--that is, when you can hijack another PC. :)

D'luv said...

Argh...I feel your pain now. The logic board on my laptop needs to be replaced, and the whole thing hasn't worked since Thursday... plus I'm traveling, so will have to wait till Sunday or Monday to get it to the Apple Store.


will said...

oh no! hope it gets sorted out soon! i'm sure radio is already killing "womanizer" so i'm sure it shouldn't be too hard to hear.




Adem With An E said...

Argh, make the IT peeps hurry up!!

Poster Girl said...

You're fantastic. Thank you!

Poor D'luv! What's gotten into all the computers?

I'm used to sitting and waiting for some random Swedish or Finnish or whatever radio station to play a song...actually sitting around listening to American radio? What a novel concept ;)

I really don't know how it took as long as it did...but! Everything's better now (they say).