Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My computer is in the IT doctor's office right now. The good news is I keep my music on an external hard drive which should hopefully be fine. The bad news (in addition to the files on it that I need for, you know, real life and stuff) is that I won't really have computer access, and definitely not the ability to upload songs, until I get it back, and I have no idea how long that's going to be. Thank you SO much to the people patient enough to still be reading this blog, though, given all the interruptions and problems I've had recently. Hopefully all this will be resolved fairly quickly.


Paul said...

oh no! Does elaborate yet proven effective computer healing dance around 35 precisely placed usb sticks. Is it working yet? :P

Anonymous said...

Come back soon, love your blog!

Poster Girl said...

Paul, you should've mailed me another...34 USB sticks so I could do that dance!

Aww, thanks! :D