Friday, October 24, 2008

Where in heaven have you been all my life?

Do you know who's back?

Christian Walz! Of the BRILLIANT "Wonderchild."

His new single is "What's Your Name?" and you can listen to it here. I'm not madly in love with it yet, but one and a half listens is way to early to judge a song and I'm still glad to have him back (and I could see myself being won over by its sweetness with time). "What's Your Name?" is kind of a little more twee indie-pop sounding than "Wonderchild," but then, something that bouncy, upbeat, and full-sounding was kind of always an anomaly for him. It does have a kind of clever conceit of cycling through some of the cheesiest pickup lines you can imagine ("I'm no Flintstone/But I'll make your bed rock"). Sound-wise, it's very much a trip back in time, too--'60's, I'd guess, though maybe that AM pop-rock from the '70's, too? I'm so out of my league, trying to know anything about music beyond the past few years. The era you'd expect to hear the line "What's your sign?" in.

Oh, and do you know who else is coming back, though admittedly not quite yet? Danny--as a solo artist (thanks to Bas for the tip)! Listen to a brief message from him as well as part of the eventual new single, "Radio," below. I'm breathing a sigh of relief that we're getting a return from Dance Danny. Please let the song be good. It's written and produced by 2N Productions (much of Kate Ryan's best stuff and Danny's song "Only Wanna Be With You," one of my favorite tracks from his debut album). Now, when is it coming out and when are we getting the album?


Di said...

ohhh,,,, Danny!! i'm so glad he'll have a new album :D but i didn't understand when.. :/

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for Danny's new album :D
Not sure what to make of that short clip, it sounds pretty good but not his best.
Hes looking great though.

Btw, have you heard V Factory's new single 'Love Struck'? im quite certain Darin is on backing vocals, its a pretty great song, well the verses are amazing with an average chorus.


Poster Girl said...

I don't know when it'll be out! He doesn't specify there and I haven't heard, but if I do, I'll say something!

Conor, that's what I thought about the clip, too. And this is the lead single, so it's got to be full-on great. Hopefully it is, though! Ha ha, I said the same thing about the V Factory single a few days ago--I really think it's him, too!