Saturday, October 25, 2008


There's a shameful lack of music from Asia on this blog and, considering that I can usually manage to post songs from Sweden twice a week, having covered, what, one artist from that entire continent in several years is pretty ridiculous. I haven't properly "grown into" Asian music yet, I think, both in terms of finding artists I like and in growing accustomed to its own traits and quirks and, yes, languages. Japanese singer Namie Amuro's "What A Feeling"--the one song/artist just mentioned--is still my favorite song from Asia this year so far (which is really a pretty ridiculous kind of frame to establish--I mean, the entire continent? Choosing your favorite song from it for the year should be really difficult. I'll get there eventually).

The middle 8 on that is just too good. Really one of the best songs of the year.

I've enjoyed Ami Suzuki's "Free Free" (via Mike of PTA) as well.

Today's song more than earns its place on that list.

Taboo--I can't put this song's singer in any more of a context than one paraphrased from Wikipedia, so let's get to the song, which is basically just catchy dance-pop that's probably trying to be at least a little bit edgy (much like the video)--you know, that dance-pop with bite to it. The verses may have that to some degree, but they give way to a fairly smooth (though still uptempo and danceable) chorus. I don't speak the tiniest bit of Japanese, but the flow of the lyrics is catchy enough to keep my attention anyway.

To buy this single, go here (physical).

Next up: maybe that boy band. And hopefully posts with more words in them (or at least a better video-to-words ratio). Oh, and I need to write about a new song from my Spanish singer.

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