Thursday, October 09, 2008

Want it taking over me

Oh, so apparently Darin's worked with RedOne on this album. I'd heard that, but forgotten it.

As if you needed further proof, though, "Breathing Your Love" is now out and about (though in radio ripped format, so not full quality), and it's definitely got those RedOne sound effects we're all used to from Lady GaGa (though Darin worked with RedOne before her--"Step Up," anyone?).

I didn't remember hearing that Kat DeLuna (another frequent RedOne collaborator) would be on this song, though. Hmm.

Edit: OK, so it's brilliant, obviously. I think. I don't think Kat adds anything, though (I've got nothing against her--she's had some good or great singles in the past), and I'd kind of like to hear a version without her. Of course, at first I didn't think Therese, much as I adore her, added much to "If Only You," and I couldn't have been more wrong about that.

Oh, and apparently I should have known about the Kat thing because she was seen out and about with Darin filming the music video.

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