Thursday, October 09, 2008

City to city but it all reminds me of you

I wish you all could've seen my expression while I was watching the video below.

It starts off with Darin saying that we're going to see him working on tracks for his new album Flashback. Then we hear him singing a song called "Road Trip" with piano accompaniment. I think at that point I was just kind of...deflated--"oh...I guess that sounds like a pleasant melody, but this is our first taste of the album?"--but you know me, my natural preference isn't for ballads. A few seconds later, though, we switch scenes to Darin sitting in a studio with someone (Dave, who's the track's creator, I think) and hear what must be the real version of the track. It's much more electronic and has a lot more energy to it--I'm sure the look that washed over my face at that point was one of utter relief. That poppy melody we hear in the produced version--I cannot wait to have my hands on that track. Pop heaven. Darin's coming back, and thank goodness.

If you keep listening, you'll get to hear some bits and pieces of other songs, too. One sounds very club-oriented, though I'm not totally sure about it yet (it's like five seconds of a song, so it's not as if these are in any way informed judgments). Most exciting, though? We get to hear a bit of the first single, "Breathing Your Love" (starting at 1:11). Sounds potentially AMAZING--a very lush sort of electronic urban-pop sound. I'm not sure whether the chorus is just good or fantastic (once again, we'll actually need to hear more of the song to know). That intro, though, sounds so, so, so good. We also hear some of "Seasons Fly," a song Darin did, and once again we hear it on piano and then in its actual studio form.

I'll say it again: thank goodness for Darin. I cannot wait for "Breathing Your Love" (buying it the absolutely first moment I can) or the album.


Aaron said...


I really liked Break The News and this just sound so OMG fantastic! I really, really can't wait for this one!

How desperate does that sound?

Anonymous said...

Woww i really LOVE the sounds of all of those clips, Break The News is a fantastic album and from watching that video and it looks like were be getting an even better one :D
Have been rather dissapointed this year so far with numerous singers coming back with half hearted comebacks and overhyping (e.g Britney Spears - Womanizer really didnt live up to the amazing Gimme More or much of Blackout, Lady Gaga's album proved to be an overrated dissapointment and Christina Aguilera, awful bland)
Looks like were gonna get some decent pop to end the year though :D, can always rely on Sweden for the great pop.

Poster Girl said...

Only as desperate as I sound! So, actually...very! ;)

Conor, it's so great to hear from you! I still love "Just Dance" and I think the album is in its majority decent tracks, but it just doesn't live up to the brilliance of the lead single. I really don't understand why on Earth "Womanizer" got to the point where everyone who heard it approved that bridge--I mean, there are parts of the song I think are great, but that bridge...eek. It really doesn't feel like a track that's as good as half as the tracks on Blackout, at least from where I stand now. I'm thrilled you think those clips sounded good too--I never know when it's just me goodwill towards the artist causing me to view songs as better than they are!

Bas said...

sounds promising :) Breathing Your Love is really a nice track, can't wait to here more! Let's hope it will be as good as Break The News

Poster Girl said...

I'm hoping it'll be even BETTER! Ha ha! I'm obsessed with that clip of "Road Trip"/"Roadtrip."

Bas said...

haha yeah better's fine with me too... as long as it is not less than Break the news ;)