Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Playing house in the ruins of us

Nikki's power-pop "Bring Me Down" is only growing on me with time, though I think the music video for it does it absolutely no favors--in fact, I think it makes the chorus seem less powerful than it is. Given that I think the lyrics, though not revelatory, are actually getting to an interesting point, something that played up what she's talking about more would have been welcome. I'm kind of surprised an Idols winner didn't get a bigger budget for her first real single.

Moving to Belgium, we've got Reshum and her single "Never Thought," which once again has lyrics interesting enough to be worth listening to. It's a song with a refreshing sound to it as well. Once again, I don't love the video, but it'll do for introducing you to the song.

Tiziano Ferro is back, and that AME he was teasing us with? It stands for "Alla mia età." That's the title of his new single, which you can listen to here. It's also available in Spanish as "A mi edad." I would love it if he'd toss us something edgy like "Stop! Dimentica" somewhere on the upcoming album, of the same title as the single and due out November 7, but I'm going to hold off on writing about this single for now because I think I may want to write about it more in depth later.

Random bits and pieces of Swedish singer news:
  • Darin's new single "Breathing Your Love" comes out October 13, but he'll perform it on TV October 11. The album, called Flashback, comes out December 3. No idea who was involved with making it.
  • Måns Zelmerlöw has submitted several songs for Melodifestivalen (we don't know what songs have made the cut yet) and has said he's laying low this fall, with an album out this March (conveniently timed to tie in with Melodifestivalen)--I guess he's decided against that October single thing, then, if he's laying low now?
  • Måns's girlfriend Marie Serneholt is, however, planning on releasing new music this fall. Måns says it's good. Let's hope. In the meantime, she's appearing in the Swedish version of Stars On Ice.

In blog news (and the most exciting news out of all of this post), Mike has returned to Pop Trash Addicts!


Aaron said...

A new Darin album? Ooh - Goody!!!

Paul said...

oh gosh! 11th! That's saturday! I'm not sure i can cope with any more new music excitement. it's not good for my blood pressure :P

PS - lots of your comments disappeared from the previous post but one... :(

Poster Girl said...

It's great news! I really wish we knew more about the sound and who helped make it, but I guess we'll find out all that eventually.

Maybe you could pretend it's not happening for another week or so and then look it up then? ;) Oh, and what happened with that earlier post was that Blogger deleted because of the song link in it, but I wanted to keep the whole text of it, so I just found a cached version and copied and pasted the whole thing into a new post, changed the date to that of the original post, and put it back up. So any comments that were there were gone :-/

Mike said...

Aww you're so sweet!

Anonymous said...


Reshum is Dutch. She participated in the first edition of temptation island (co-production between a Flemish and Dutch broadcaster).

btw I really enjoy reading your blog!