Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Switch into overdrive

Super-quick post due to some necessary TV viewing tonight. Belgian singer Katerine's turn towards the electronic music side left me completely underwhelmed at first; "Shut Your Mouth" was just so...well, best left in the past. "Ultrasonic," though, is better, even if still not fantastic; it's a little too flat, minimal, even-keel to really ignite any sort of passion about it as a track, I think, but it's still a decent dance-pop track.

Katerine's single "Ultrasonic" as well as the also good single "He's Not Like You" (less frivolous lyrically but possibly prettier musically) can be purchased from all countries' iTunes stores.


Aaron said...

Just a super-quick comment - Necessary CD purchasing!

Thanks for introducing me - Katerine is fantastic as is Ultrasonic!!!

D'luv said...

Watching the debate?

Poster Girl said...

Is she new to you, Aaron? Definitely look up her earlier singles "Here Come All The Boys" and "Catfight"--the videos are on YouTube. I'm glad you like her!

Yup, D'luv! Unfortunately missed the first one (which is the one that probably would have interested me most), but I did catch the VP one and this one.

Tar said...

Some phrases of this song sound a bit like Chicane, I like it :)

Tar said...

Hmm nevermind, this is the original. I think I heard a remix on the radio.