Monday, October 06, 2008

Never thought that I'd fall in love love love love

(Note: ZShare is still, baffingly, not letting me upload things; it's only just dawned on me, though, that I can upload songs to Sharebee and then just take the ZShare link from there. A little bit weird, but at least it means the return of ZShare links.)

I have two possibly seemingly contradictory feelings to express:

1.) I am SO OVER songs getting passed around to various artists. Spanish singer Soraya's new album Sin Miedo (featuring a duet with Kate Ryan) is out and about now, and, predictably, the song titled "Love Is All Around" on it is, yes, a cover of the song already done by (deep breath) Agnes, Arashi, Ricki-Lee, Jody Williams, and Andriette. I mean, it's a great song and I understand that this sort of passing songs around allows writers to make more money from it, something increasingly important with illegal downloads being so big, and that for most people (including many of the artists, I'd imagine) this song reuse will never be an issue because they'll never hear more than one version, but I would much rather have songwriters giving us multiple great songs instead of passing the same (admittedly great) one around. That was my reaction to the news that Same Difference's new album will feature a cover of Marie Serneholt's "I Need A House," too. I love that song, but I want new brilliant songs, not reused ones. In better news, as Paul pointed out, you can listen to a clip of Same Difference's pure pop new single "We Are One" at PopJustice.

2.) On the other hand, I am more than happy for "Disturbia" and "Closer" and "Forever" to spawn some knock-offs--a lot more happy to see that around (for now) than more '60's stuff (note: this is NOT me knocking on Alesha's "The Boy Does Nothing," which 1.) we haven't even heard in good quality yet, and 2.) anything with that fantastic a middle 8 is not going to be drawing criticism from me in the near future). With that in mind, Craig David's "Insomnia," taken from his upcoming greatest hits, is pretty enjoyable, better than anything I heard off his last album (and I might even like it more than "Closer," which despite its more electro base it's quite obviously inspired by--and probably isn't as mature as--because of how much quicker the words come). I really adored Craig's earlier work--"Fill Me In" would contend for any list of my favorite songs of all time--and I even really enjoyed "Unbelievable" from mid-to-late career Craig. Everything I heard off his last album, though, just gave off a whiff of...cheapness, something which, with a voice like his, he really should be above; he's better than that. Releasing a song this obviously taking advantage of modern trends doesn't necessarily fulfill that wish, but the song does somehow feel like a step up--a step in the right direction. Keep in touch with those strings, Craig--I missed them.

Craig David's greatest hits isn't yet available for preorder anywhere, but in the meantime you can buy his debut, Born To Do It, here (physical) or here (digital).


Aaron said...

Hehe - What's wrong with just giving us the Sharebee links?

Anyways, I really hope that Soraya's track isn't a cover of a cover... of Love Is All Around - although Caminare - the duet with Kate Ryan is fantastic - I really like Kate though - so I may be a bit biased!.

Poster Girl said...

Oh, ha ha, I guess I could just do that, couldn't I? Maybe that's what I'll start doing. I'm never sure if extra clicks are annoying to people, though. I do love Kate too, so no worries in that regard!