Thursday, October 09, 2008

Want it running in my blood

The entire time I was at the gym, I was able to think of nothing else but one fact: "Breathing Your Love" is clearly the best song I've heard in ages. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. My ever-present Darin love has been completely and totally restoked. I'd trade Sweden Usher (whose "Yeah!" I adored, mind) and Justin Timberlake for Darin any day. I think he gets pop better than any male popstar we've got going today. He never fails to evolve with every album; the sound he's using is always great and always contemporary, and yet every time he comes back I can't help feeling he's getting better and better (it's this electro-urban-pop at the moment). His songs are, almost inevitably, exciting, with great melodies and hooks, with really the best pop awareness I can think of, and his voice is literally a perfect pop voice. This isn't exaggeration on my part: yes, he has the fantastic songs, but he brings more to the table than that. We've had the opportunity to hear bunches of versions of "Want Ya!" by now, and yet not a single version has come close to rivaling Darin's; you might not expect it, but he has the ability to completely pull off the urban-pop songs he frequently sings. The attitude--he nails it, every time. Music means so much to him too; you can see that in all the behind-the-scenes videos of him.

This post probably reads as ridiculous gushing, and maybe it is, but it's deserved, every single ounce of it. I've been at least slightly let down by so many comeback singles lately--to finally get one that delivers and more is such a relief and a thrill.


Aaron said...

I'm right behind you all the way Poster Girl - If this is ridiculous gushing - I'm a fountain - I can't wait to see what we'll be like when the album is released!!!!

Paul said...

"i'm a fountain" hahahahahaha brilliant! Gush on le girl de poster because you are right, the song is immense. I'm so ready for the album now - for some reason it makes me maudlin that Shayne's second album was abandoned so early :(

Aaron said...

I do have flashes of brilliance sometimes :)

Anonymous said...

where did you heard this song, people :O

Anonymous said...

Ok, here is what you have been waiting for :-)


Anonymous said...

Ahh just heard it :D
The song itself is an amazing song and so is Darin but Kat DeLuna completley ruins it for me, i dont like her voice at all.
That chorus is insanely amazing though (L)

Adem With An E said...

Gush away, as you've said; he's bloody worthy of it. LOVE that making-of-flashback video you posted earlier too, by the way.

LULZ APLENTY AT I'M A FOUNTAIN. I totally choked on a pretzel reading that.

Poster Girl said...

Ha ha ha--oh Aaron! But yes, we can totally be ridiculous and over the top together! Yay!

It also does make me really excited for a new Shayne album, though, too--I mean, this is proof that you can be totally pop and yet have that sharp edge to your music too.

If anyone else is wondering how to hear it, just do a Blogsearch for it--I'm not posting this radio rip because it doesn't feel like it would be proper etiquette towards other bloggers to do so.

No, I know what you mean, Conor! One of my earliest reactions was to want to hear it without some point, she must not have been in it, because I don't think you can hear her in the beginning of what Darin plays in that studio video below. I know it's not likely to happen, but, much as I love the song now, I'd still love to have the opportunity to buy a Kat-free version as a b-side or something.

Um, anonymous (or Conor, if that was you, too), you are BRILLIANT. As brilliant as Elin and that song and that video! Thank you!

Adem, so glad you like it (and agree about him)! I may just turn this into a gushy weekend and make today the day I write about the Ladyhawke album, too.

AcerBen said...


This is AMAZING! I am totally in love with Darin anyway but this is such an exciting new sound for him!

I actually prefer his ballads to his uptempo stuff usually (Everything But The Girl might just be my favourite song EVER) but I totally agree with everything you say. He is the perfect popstar.

Poster Girl said...

Ben, I know you're a huge fan of Darin, so I was waiting to see what you thought!

"Everything But The Girl" is SUCH a good ballad. He does actually have some ballads I love...though give me the Attic remix of "Who's That Girl" over the original any day.

I'm in such infatuation with this song. I mean, I literally could not stop thinking about it last night. It's addictive. Crazily so.

AcerBen said...

I can't stop listening to it! I'd love to see this get released in the UK. It's as good as anything Chris Brown can come up with.

Poster Girl said...

If Darin made it big in the UK or the US, I literally don't know what I would do with myself. That would make up for just about every failed attempt of some group or artist I loved to break there.