Friday, October 10, 2008

My heart is on overload

Elin Lanto is LEGEN (wait for it) DARY.

Click here to watch the music video for "Discotheque." (Please please click!)

Update: YouTube video below. You can watch it in a bigger version through the link above, though, and that's better.

OK, qualification of yesterday's post: "Discotheque" is also the best song I've heard in ages.

The only thing I'd liked to have seen was a group of backing dancers jumping around to the "oh oh oh oh oh ohohoh" part in the middle 8 (around 1:56 on), but beyond that, I really don't think Elin could have turned into a more phenomenal popstar. She's rocketing through iconic images like coming up with them is nothing at all, and she's a literally perfect two for two on her past two videos and songs.

If someone does not let me buy this song in a matter of days, I may very well go crazy. (Edit: CDOn says the physical single comes out October 15. Please let it hit iTunes before that!)

(To the commenter who pointed this video out, I love you. Thank you!)


Jump! said...

I really like the direction Elin has gone and this song is really ace. The only troubling thing is that the chorus has shades of Velvet (and thats not a bad thing!).

I love the video!

Bas said...

im loving this vid :) lets hope we get to hear more songs like this from her...

Resa said...

This is amazing! It's been a great year for music again. It reminds me so much of Kylie Minogue, around 2000/her Light Years album. Any word on a release date for her album yet?

Paul said...

hmmm, i may be able to help you out with this :P Check your email. You have got me obsessed with this song in an autumn where i have far too many songs to obsess over anyway!! (see latest blogpost!)

Rick said...

Wow!!!! I wrote off Elin Lanto after her MF entry, which was subpar. This is brilliant. Thanks for the introduction.

Poster Girl said...

Speaking of Velvet, when are we getting an album from her? It's about time!

It's so over-the-top and amazing because of that ;) Great to hear from you, Bas!

Resa, yes! To your comparison. Sadly, I've got no update on the album. I wonder if the performance of this single will have a big role in the release date--I think it might.

Paul, fall/winter can be such a brilliant time for new songs--let's hope this keeps up! It's a good problem to have ;)

Rick, you're spot-on about the MF entry--this, luckily, is MUCH better. As is "Speak 'n Spell," the single before this.

Thnairg said...

Can't say much about the song, PG, but I love your little "tribute" to Barney from "How I Met Your Mother"! ;-)


Aaron said...

I've only just noticed the How I Met Your Mother tribute!

LOVE IT! - I'm a huge fan!

The song and video are flawless too!

Poster Girl said...

Ah, I'm glad someone caught it and appreciated it ;) SO robbed of an Emmy this year.

"This is so going in my blog!"

Aaron said...

"Ted, You are forcing me to be the voice of Reason - And It's not a good look for me"

I agree, So robbed of an emmy!