Monday, October 27, 2008

In this prison that we made, we both know where we belong

When Swedish Idol and Melodifestivalen contestant Sibel released her debut album The Diving Belle there was some excitement and surprise over the fact that she'd included an uptempo, more dance/disco-pop song, "Don't You Wanna Know" on it, but I found myself feeling lukewarm about the song. It felt kind of...well, token uptempo song to me. There was potential there, but it never burst through and the chorus kind of felt like a non-event when, given the verses, something bigger was needed there. It was an OK one, but, for me, it didn't feel like more than that.

Luckily, though, Sibel gave us the iTunes bonus track of "The Night Is Still Young." I'm not going to claim it's the song to end all songs, but I think it's more fun than "Don't You Wanna Know." Also dance-disco-pop (though of course not full-fledged hands-in-the-air dance-pop ridiculouslessness; this is Sibel, so there's that certain element of grown-up-ness to it, despite the lyrics that you could easily be sung by someone young, as Sibel is), it's got a chorus that feels like a chorus instead of a bridge still leading up to something.

To buy Sibel's album The Diving Belle, go here (physical) or here (digital). "The Night Is Still Young" isn't included on most versions, though; head to any European iTunes store for that edition of the album.

Next up: maybe that British song or that Spanish song or that boy band.


D'luv said...

Sibel looks like this broad I used to work with...I think she wanted me to tickle her candy.

Anonymous said...

I like it!
The song reminds me the late of 90's dance scene

Poster Girl said...

D'luv, the heavy burden of being you.

I'm glad you do :D And I'm glad to see you're still writing somewhere, even if in Portuguese!