Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Did you think I'd wait forever, baby, like the others did before?

I was reminded of Australian singer Amy Pearson's underrated "Don't Miss You" (sorry for the low quality) recently when I found out that South African girl band NKD are launching their new acoustic (ugh--why, girls, why? You had some great pop of the very much non-acoustic sort on your debut) direction off the back of a cover of it. It's kind of a Stacie Orrico-esque song, one with a very catchy radio-friendly chorus, the sort of thing that works perfectly as a sing-a-long, and with just a hint of pop-rock to it. It's arguably generic, but if "generic" sounds this good, who cares? In my opinion, there's a general lack of songs with this sound at the moment, at least in the U.S. and from female singers.

To buy her debut album, Who I Am, go here (physical).

Next up: maybe a British, Spanish, or German song.


Aaron said...

I rather liked a few of her tracks - It's a shame that the album practically flopped!

Paul said...

ugh why must pop groups decide that the sound that made the beloved in the first place doesn't work and "mature" and "grow" as artists. THERE IS NO PLACE FOR MATURITY IN POP :P I'm sure an acoustic album will showcase their voices beautifully etc, but will it have me leaping round the bedroom doing all sorts of weird "pull shapes"? I doubt it :(

ken said...

oh. i love this girl but i never had the chance to check out her music. Her song "Ready To Fly" is really a radio hit here. Anyways, thanks for the heads up.

I'll link you up in my blog okies?? xoxo

Arlen, Australia said...

Don't like this girl much. The reason why she hasn't really taken off here even with a bit of radio support is because she's too bland and yes, generic.

There's also something really annoying about her voice. She sounds a bit like a little girl trying to belt out with an adult voice but it just comes across like she's singing through her nose!

Mike said...

I agree with Arlen! I believe I featured her once on PTAs and have regretted it ever since. She's fucking dull. That said, this was probably her best song and I can imagine a poptastic act covering it very well. Kudos for being the Queen of South African pop, Pop Poster Girl!!!!!!!!!!

Poster Girl said...

Aaron, Ken, Arlen, and Mike, I don't really know her work beyond this song, but I do really like "Don't Miss You"--it's just really...catchy. In the past, I might have said NKD were poptastic, but apparently not any more :-/ They have done interesting things with the vocal part, though, if anyone is into that sort of thing, to make up for the more minimal musical backing.

Ken, I've been wishing recently for more blogs to read that had some really great writing going on but had trouble finding much--perfect! I enjoy all sorts of blog formats, but that writing-intensive one is one I've really been craving lately.

Paul, I just don't understand the decision at all. I mean, every artist should pursue their musical hearts, blah blah blah, but this just feels like credibility-seeking (or maybe not having the money to pay for more electronic backings?). Your last sentence is perfect!