Sunday, October 26, 2008

I know it's wrong, so why I am with you now?

You might not guess it from the mini-explosion of posts around here today, but I've actually not been able to find the words to do justice to the one song I most want to write about. Bits and pieces, yes, but nothing coherent yet. That post may come tomorrow (or never, you never know), but for now, here's something that's a little easier to write about.

Release Me--talk about a joyous album opening. As I mentioned below, I'm a sucker for strings in disco-pop songs (cue my long-running affair with Beyoncé's "Ring The Alarm" in Freemasons remix format) and "Release Me" uses them wonderfully. The chorus is a breath of fresh air, sweet, smooth, and strong, just breezy enough to bring a smile to your face but with enough of that beat to stay firmly danceable. I have trouble imagining Swedish pop lovers not being at least a little bit enchanted with "Release Me"--fun, adorable, sweet, catchy, pretty, melodic...I think it'd be at the least a pleasant diversion for pop fans in general, too, though it's far more than that for me. I could be wrong, but I think this is going to be the big long-term favorite for me from this album. "Love Me Senseless" and "On and On" may be slightly...cooler, but "Release Me" is just such a rush of musically uncomplicated (though that doesn't mean unsophisticated) yet just classy enough joy that it's won my heart. Despite its lyrics, it's the soundtrack to the best day you ever had.

Dance Love Pop is available for purchase right now in all European countries iTunes stores here (including in the UK) and the physical version can be preordered here.

Next up: maybe more up-tempo lovely Swedish music or, preferrably, I'll figure out what to say about that transcendently amazing British song.


Aaron said...

Why wasn't I born Swedish???(Or English if the album is already out!)

I understand what you mean by Love Me Senseless & On And On being "cooler" but I do think Release Me will be my favourite.

But, the whole album is very, very strong (With the possible exception of Sometimes I forget) - I love it!

Who Is It? said...

There's not a single mention of who the artist is. Who is it? Is it a friend of mine? Who is it? Is it my brother?

Bas said...

i am a bit dissapointed that after Love Me Senseless the album gets much slower... the best tracks are certainly the first 3 imo

Robpop said...

alas, i want this abum so much!!!!

bring on early christmas presents for thyself!

Poster Girl said...

Aaron, a very good question!

Who, that's deliberate as well as something that's not new (I've been doing it off and on since this blog's first few months)--I'm tired of DMCA takedown notices resulting in Blogger deleting posts without me having the opportunity to save the commentary. Both record labels and Blogger are completely within their right (if Blogger doesn't just instantly take the post down once they receive the notice, then they put themselves at legal risk), but since I would remove the links to any songs when asked and I actually put some effort into the posts, it's frustrating. I'm operating on the assumption that this blog is too small to be individually monitored and therefore offending posts are found via searches (though I accidentally added the artist label here--I didn't mean to do that until after the song link was removed in a few days--and since I wrote about her just recently, the blog as a whole could still show up in a search; not this individual post, though, at least not through Blogsearch). That's your answer.

Bas, but at least they're a great first few tracks!

Robpop, I think you'll love it.

Anonymous said...

Well i have to say ive been pleasantly surprised by this album despite it only having a very tight 10 tracks.
'Love Me Senseless' and 'Look At Me Now' are definately my favourites, its all so very summery with all the dancey synthy-pop.
Big Blue Wall is such a dissapointing end to the album though :|

Poster Girl said...

Conor, I forgot to ask you last time (and would have asked you before had the post not been deleted by Blogger), you're GOING TO SWEDEN?! How amazing! (If I'm remembering that comment correctly.) For how long? How? Where?

It is as if they wanted to still do a token throwback to the big Agnes ballads of the past, so that song was added on to the end.

Aaron said...

I'm actually going to go out on a limb and say I really, really like Big Blue Wall - I think that Sometimes I Forget is the weakest on the album.

Who Is It? said...

Ah yes... Blogger has been doing it to everybody's blog.

Anonymous said...

Ahah ayee im going to Sweden in January for 4 days, staying in Stockholm. Ill definately be off to the CD shops in search of all the dance-pop :D
It feels rather Swedish here in England today with all the snow.

Ive been playing 'Don't Pull Your Love Out' on repeat quite a lot today, its very much amazing on loud.
David Archuleta's album is out in about 10 days in USA aswell which is great news as 'Crush' and his cover of 'Angels' are both immense.

Poster Girl said...

I LOVE "Crush." It's totally true. I need to write about it here if I haven't already. I hope the album's good!

Plus, you've reminded me that I need to post my guide to Stockholm's CD shops--granted, it's months out of date at this point, but it's so long I think I'll probably post it anyway.