Sunday, October 26, 2008

Why do I keep coming back?

Do you know what happens when you're stalling doing actual work and instead googling for information about upcoming releases? You stumble upon random things.

Today's example?

All of Agnes's new album Dance Love Pop is streaming in high quality here (well, I assume it's the whole thing--I'm only partway through it right now, but it's full tracks so far). Great news! I'll write more about it later, probably. Given my complete adoration of the use of strings in disco-pop, I'm a pretty happy camper as I listen to "Release Me" right now.


Aaron said...


Where do you live?

I think I need a plane ticket to come to you and thank you in person!


Aaron said...

Well, Sorry about that comment - It came on by a combination of Fantastic music, Pure Adrenalin & Absolute Happiness.

I'm now back to sanity - but like you - I'm a very, very happy camper - Now - How long do you think postage will take from Sweden?

Does anybody else think the strings in Release Me sound like the strings in Coldplay's Viva La Vida?

Bas said...

this sounds really good! another album i really have to buy :) Release Me (L)

Bas said...

gosh Release Me & Love Me Senseless sound really really good! there are way too many albums leaking & being released this past 2 & 2 coming weeks... I can hardly keep up lol

Poster Girl said...

Aaron, I love it--you sound just like me when I get excited! How about we just both buy plane tickets to Sweden to stalk Agnes instead? Hmm...good question on postage. The quickest Megastore ever gets to me in the U.S. is about a week, usually a few days over that. I would kind of guess something similar for Australia? Those strings...they kind of do--but "Release Me" is way better ;)

I know, Bas--I can hardly keep up! These last few months will be so expensive.

Aaron said...

Ok! Stalking works for me!

I thought about a fortnight too! THanks - I don't think I can wait that long though!

You are right about it being an expensive few months!

Bas said...

they are arleady expensive for me haha but you are right; that won't change soon... we still got a lot coming up!