Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm reborn at the discotheque

After only approximately AGES ("My Favorite Pair Of Jeans" doesn't count--it wasn't a real single and it was too close to the annoying "Money" side of her for my taste), we're FINALLY getting Elin Lanto's next single.

Let's revisit the brilliant "Speak 'n Spell," shall we?

So many icon-in-the-making moments in that.

Her new single is called "Discotheque" (promising!)--watch her perform it below.

I'm sorry, I hate this expression, but: OMG OMG OMG. I LOVE her reinvention. This album is going to be brilliant--it better be. Disco disco disco! (I'm saying this based on what I think the studio version will sound like.) I've been waiting and waiting for new material from her since the amazing popstar transformation that was "Speak 'n Spell" and the accompanying visuals took place, and finally getting new material from her that sounds like it'll live up to expectations is just fantastic. One site says the single comes out this September, but I'm not sure if that's still true.

(Also, I may be reading too much into it, but it is a just-under-three-minutes-long song...)

Edit: if you want to hear what might be more of a playback version of the song in lower quality, watch her performance from EuroPride; it starts at 3:14 of the video below. BRILLIANT.


Resa said...

I was so happy when I heard 'Discotheque' and so excited for her new album! I wasn't even aware of the follow up after "Speak 'n Spell" until I saw the commercial with "My Favourite Pair of Jeans". She looks incredible!

Can't wait!

Also some more news for you. Ony leaving D'Nash. He's leaving after this weekend to do theatre work. The other three have said they will continue without him.

Lilyjets are in the studio and their new album is coming out early next year (I managed to get a hold of Tinki. :D)

Paul said...

phew to Dnash continuing :)

I fail to see how you can go wrong with a song called Discotheque. As a follow up to Speak n Spell, which in itself was amazingly amazing, it's a pretty fine decent tune! Hurrah!

Poster Girl said...

She really does--fantastic! And theater work?! THEATER WORK?! What?! ...I'm glad they're still going, though. It's great to have news about Lilyjets--and to hear from you!

Paul, that was pretty much my reaction to the name, too ;)

Arlen, Australia said...

Speak 'N' Spell is definitely one of the greatest pop moments of recent years but I am also loving My Favourite Pair Of Jeans ATM - It's nearly just as good as S'N'S!!!
Discotheque sounds good on first listen but i'll make a final judgement on it when the HQ leaks :)