Friday, September 19, 2008

Nu när du gått the title above says: the music video for the new Lena Philipsson and Orup single, albeit in very low quality (filmed on a cell phone, apparently). I'll update this when we get a better quality embeddable version, but for now, if you want to listen/watch in good quality, head over to Aftonbladet. Ginza has the album cover and tracklist:

1.) Hals över huvud
2.) Nu när du gått
4.) Jag hatar att vakna utan dig
5.) 1 skäl
6.) Fem minuter i himmelen
7.) Bara en polis
8.) Jag måste skynda mig på
9.) Så mycket bättre än dom andra
10.) Blott en skugga

In other news, this is the cover to Agnes's album:


Robpop said...

The agnes album looks amazing.

Paul said...

love the cover to the Lena duets album. very voyeuristic like i'm peeking on a private moment. Fabbo.

Poster Girl said...

Robpop, your excitement for it is boosting my excitement!

Paul, you're right--it actually is a very lovely shot, and I don't think I'd even noticed that until you said that.