Sunday, September 21, 2008

I don't know what this is, but you got me good

You know what drives me crazy? Having to re-evaluate songs because you see them used in a certain way and suddenly gain a whole new appreciation for them.

Maybe the biggest example of this recently is M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes." Short of liking "Bucky Done Gun" and, to a lesser degree, "Galang" from a few years ago, I'd pretty much always written her off as one of those critically-acclaimed artists that I was never really going to get. If you think about it, avoiding an artist just because they happen to get good reviews and be cool to mention in public is as awful as avoiding an artist just because they're popular, but that's what I did. I think I listened to a little thirty second clip of "Paper Planes" around the time the album came out, didn't think it sounded good, and moved on...until--like, apparently, a bunch of Americans--I couldn't help enjoying it when it was used in the previews for the movie Pineapple Express.

It's all about context sometimes, though, I guess--and I've never appreciated "Bleeding Love" more than I did when Mark and Chelsea danced a heartbreaking routine set to it this past summer on So You Think You Can Dance. It's a song that I've been--as I've said in the past--too (unfairly) frustrated by to properly enjoy, but for two minutes, that was no longer a problem. Seeing the performance on a bigger screen and in higher quality lends a lot to it. as that way you can see their expressions--by the end you're left feeling that Chelsea really is crushed.

Duffy's another artist I've failed to connect with, but, once again, So You Think You Can Dance brought out an appreciation in me for a song I didn't really enjoy before and, to be fair, still don't really listen to much after: "Mercy." Twitch and Katee's crazy ex-girlfriend routine is really something worth watching.

Chris Brown's "Forever," on the other hand, was already a song I had no problem enjoying, but my love of it was only enhanced by Twitch and Comfort's performance, which was likewise enhanced for me by my love of the song. Where they cut off the song always leaves me wanting more, though. Still, fantastic song, fantastic routine, fantastic dancing--plus, it's got my other two big SYTYCD weaknesses: shiny clothing and flashing lights. What more could you ask for?

Next up: I realize this is two non-song posting posts in a row; it's not going to be the usual, don't worry. Tomorrow might be a new Swedish song.


Paul said...

So.... what you're saying is i should be watching SYTYCD?? I am already loving the you tube clips. I will obviously have to search out more and fit it round my busy Strictly Come Dancing/XFactor?Hairspray The High School Musical watching schedule :)

Adem With An E said...

I so know what you mean though about hearing a song in a different context. I remember last year, not being really phased by Timba/OneRepublic's "Apologize"... until it was played during a rather golden moment on Gossip Girl. And then it became one of my favourites of last year.

Glad to hear you like Paper Planes; it, along with "Bamboo Banga" - are my faves from Kala.

Poster Girl said...

Oh, I LOVE SYTYCD! Amazing show, and this was a great year--the top 10 was just phenomenal. Yes, watch watch watch! ;)

I should really actually listen to more of the album now--"Paper Planes" may be sort of an entrance point/gateway drug for the whole thing. Context really can make all the difference in the world!

Yuяi said...

This was the first season I watched most of SYTYCD and I freakin' loved it. I am not a fan of Dancing with the Stars . Way too boring, but I enjoyed the performances of Duffy, Leona and CB this year. You see a good number choreographed to a great song, and you really can't beat it.

Poster Girl said...

I don't really watch Dancing With The Stars either (I think the last time was to see Enrique Iglesias perform "Do You Know")--SYTYCD is SO much better, in my eyes. You're dead-on about the great number set to a great song!

You and Paul are making me think of posting another performance from a previous season, by the way...

Anonymous said...

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