Sunday, August 31, 2008

Every time you leave me wanting more

Things I'm enjoying at the moment:

Annie's "Bad Times." I've been waiting with anticipation for this album just for this song alone. Well, that's not quite right--I've been hoping there would be other great songs too, but it's never a sure thing with me and Annie: sometimes that voice of hers--yes, I know it's beyond cliché to mention this now, but it's still true--is just too slight for me. Luckily, "Bad Times" is a song where that either doesn't matter or her voice works; right now I'd lean towards the latter. "Divine" is the word I used for the preview, and it's the word I'd use now--my favorite song ever from her, I think. Luscious.

Seal's "The Right Life." Not exactly a new development, since the non-US/UK radioplay of this song had alerted me to how much I enjoyed it months ago, but "The Right Life" has been receiving significant play from me recently. I've been waking up early recently, and there's something about wandering down to the basement kitchen, with almost all the lights in the halls and rooms off, that suits this song perfectly, if you're in that kind of pretend-pensive mood. Now, if only I had a lake to look out over.

P!nk's "So What." P!nk's just on a roll with these past few singles, isn't she? And actually, when I tried to describe "So What" to someone, I ended up using both "Who Knew" and "U + Ur Hand" as reference points--some of the attitude and music of "U + Ur Hand" but with a chorus that, in sound and structure and soul, reminded me more of "Who Knew"--because, despite all her best attempts at schoolyard taunting, it's a song that's obviously not purely triumphant, not really fine after this breakup. True fact: "Who Knew" is the song in the world that probably draws the strongest emotional reaction from me, so I'm glad to see P!nk using her voice and her musical style for something with both more musical and emotional substance than "Stupid Girls." Perfect combo.

Eric Prydz, "Pjanoo." Catchy instrumental dance.

The chorus of Lady GaGa's "Poker Face." Love "Just Dance" (with the exception of one section), album's not thrilling. Actually, the song works pretty well overall, but it's the chorus that really sells it.

Sonny Jim's "Can't Stop Movin'." Yes, I've had this for ages, but lovely summer weather has brought about another round of intense playing of it.

Actually hearing September's "Cry For You" on real, non-dance U.S. radio! Love. I think I've screamed louder each time I've heard it.

Actually hearing Van She in the United States--multiple times! Admittedly while out shopping and not on the radio, but hey, I'll take it. Need to buy that album...

David Archuleta's "Crush." So totally getting its own post at some point, but will it surprise anyone that I love it?

CC Martini, "Double Dutch." Not new. Still adore it, thanks to Mike.

Cyndi Lauper, "Into The Nightlife." Also not new (nor is my love for it), but I'm still loving this.

Keri Hilson, "Energy." Another not new song that I've long loved but have never, I think, mentioned on here. It keeps getting compared to "No Air"--for my money, it's better.

The Saturdays, "Up!" Girl group pop. Not yet in the brilliant category or anything, but I like it. When can we finally get Red Blooded Women's "Colour Me Dirty"?

Bananarama, "Your Love Is Like A Drug." Also not new, but that doesn't make it any less fantastic. May also inspire its own post.

Things that aren't necessarily in the full-on "love" zone yet but are maybe worth a mention:

John Legend's "Green Light." I don't know that this is a song that'll ever get much play from me itself, but boy, does it feel like it would suit its purpose--and I like in that context.

Andermay's "Uh Oh Oh Oh" (in English or Spanish). Cute! Not as good as "Entre tú y yo," but then, not much in the world is.

Agnes's "On And On." I'm kind of surprised I don't feel compelled to put this in that first category, but I'm not entirely sold on the title line in the song itself musically. Could possibly be a big favorite in time, and it's a great direction for a singer I'm glad to have back. Speaking of Idol contestants and their new direction, Anna Abreu of my much-loved "Ivory Tower" and "End Of Love" is back with the pop-dance song "Vinegar." I admire the ambition and enjoy the song (I think), but it's not quite "international-quality" for me yet.

Things I'm not enjoying:

The latest McFly album. It's not that it's awful--it's just that I've not listened to it in full yet. What a change from the days of yore, eh? They've just failed to capture my attention with the music so far.

Things I know of but am not commenting on/can't common on:

South Africa's most recent Idol winner Jody Williams just released her debut album. I'm most interested in the seeming "Don't Stop The Music"-inspired "Wind It" from the clips.

Magnus Carlsson released a cover of "I Was Born This Way."

David Tavaré finally released his debut album. More on this later (though that doesn't mean you all need to listen to it).


KulPop said...

Nice to have you back.


UK OZ Fan said...

I totally agree !

Robpop said...

nice to have ya back.

Paul said...

Are you back? You are back! Never leave me again. hugs screen. I like the way you were very cool about your return not even mentioning that you have been away! haha. Anyway so much to comment on here...

Pink - i totally grew to love her last album and this latest single starts off with the best opening line in ages. I am DYING for the album. Oh and I got Annie's today but haven't listened to it yet...

Lady Blah Blah - i like her album. it's nice to hear not all bloggers are arse over tit for it. It has some definite flaws. but it's a decent pop/dance record...

I really need to start digging the latest Cyndi disc. I'm sure it's pretty marvelous.

My Magnuss has a new song out? Where?!

And you sadden me with your mcfly comment :( Maybe wait for the full release with additional songs. The Last Song and Lies (latest single) are just spine tingling...

Adem With An E said...

Thank god you are back!

First of all, Van She in the states? What song/s?! TELL ME MORE. 2009 they're coming out to see you guys over there from what I've been told... And yes, you DO need to get the album ;)

Also, in regards to McFly; it's so funny you say that because I got the Van She album a few days after the McFly album was given away in the papers and, after several listens to it in pieces and only the one in full, I think I'm just waiting for the actual proper cd to be released, rather than the newspaper edition. Which is weird.

Annie's 'Bad Times' is the second best song on the album. My heart breaks every time I hear 'Songs Remind Me Of You' and I've made such a strong connection to it that I may be hard pressed to hear a better song this year.

Len W said...

Welcome back! Good way to get one entry for August 2008 into your archives, on August 31st at 9:02 pm...

Anonymous said...

I missed this blog!


welcome back, hope for regular great updates.

Yuяi said...

Nice to see you're back, PPG. You were missed.

Poster Girl said...

Thanks, guys! I know it's really awful to announce I'm back and then promptly disappear again, but everything's sorted out and there are no big plans for the future, so everything should go on as planned now.

Paul, I was wondering if you'd heard of the Magnus song ;) Give me a bit... Re: McFly, maybe it's fantastic--I really haven't given more than two songs on it a listen so far!

Ha ha, Adem, I TOTALLY thought of you because in one store "Strangers" was played back to back with a remix of Madonna's "Give It 2 Me" (don't get your hopes up for anything highbrow or hip location-wise, though, since this was at Forever 21). Can't remember the second time I heard it, but that was definitely in a clothing store too...

Len, didn't even think of it, but thank goodness!

Poster Girl said...

P.S. Adem, which store is it that I shouldn't buy the Van She album from again? (Which one should I get it from, for that matter, even if it has already entered the charts?)

Rick said...

You know I'll never dis you on the internet
Coz my momma taught me better than that!

Welcome back!

Adem With An E said...

What is Forever 21 dear PG?!

And best bet is JB Hifi. I have a link at the top of my site... ;)

Can't wait to read what you think of the lp...

Poster Girl said...

Mwah, Rick--and thanks ;)

It's--umm...I'm not sure what stores you all have in Australia! I guess (much) cheaper clothes that are (nominally) more stylish? The closest thing I can think of to compare it to that I know is known internationally is H&M, but it's maybe somewhat "below" that and doesn't quite have the same sort of taste. It's the sort of store you'd find in a mall. And I'll definitely let you know what I think of it! Thanks.