Sunday, July 13, 2008

It's with you that I belong

Posted for a very short time only...

I still genuinely think this is easily one of the year's best songs. I'm not sure that I can add much to my previous post about it, so instead I'll resort to reiterating in a fashion:

Mid-tempo beat kind of like Diddy's "Last Night," the sort of thing that feels like it could be pounded against a wall


Lush instrumentation (guitars [but not of the guitar-pop sort], strings) filling it out so it doesn't seem so harsh or inaccessible


Divine middle 8--emotion at its best without being overdone or taking away from the power of the song's melody


The great verse and bridge, and how they flow into each other and then the chorus


That great pop melody in the chorus


The slightly more ad-libby version of the chorus at the end


The lyrics--the sort that fit the music so perfectly, that seem so meaningful whether or not they actually are ("and now my heart's gone cold and the one who brings it you")

= (apparently)

Sheer brilliance, a pop song that's gorgeous and full and catchy and with just the right amount of emotion, of longing and begging and melancholy and hope. Saying this so early and without radio bombardment to prove it really is of lasting appeal is always a little scary, but I think there's every chance this will go down as at least a personal pop classic. I've yet to come anywhere close to overplaying it, which is saying something, given how often I've played it.

Buy it here (digital) and please, please do--there's absolutely no guarantee of this song getting the success it deserves and I'm really worried about how well it'll do for her. The album is out in November of this year, apparently.

Next up: maybe something Danish.


Anonymous said...

wb PG
good to see you back here


Yuяi said...

I'm really digging "Pick Me Up". The beginning reminds me a little of "Apologize". But something tells me Emilia has not hooked up with "famous American producers" (aka Timbaland) lately!

It's very smooth and catchy. I think it would fit nicely on US Radio.

So you don't think this will do that well for her?

Andrew said...

AMAZING, thank you so much for this post. I remember you talking about her awhile back and ever since then I have been obsessed!!!!

Poster Girl said...

Thanks, turnaround! It's good to be back :D

I hope I'm wrong, Yuri, but I'm not expecting it to get a bigger push than "I Can" (her earlier single from this project, and it left no real impression), which had posters on bus stops and even a magazine article or two, which is leaving me worried, even though I think this song is a better radio fit than "I Can" for today's music scene. Still, if radio would grab on, anything could happen...I'm just worried. I'm so glad you like it!

Yay, Andrew! :D I'm thrilled you love it, and thrilled you're reading!

Layne said...

Glad to see you back Poster Girl! Regarding "Pick Me Up"....I. LOVE. It! It is a fabulous song and it's too bad it is not a bigger hit. And you know it will almost be impossible for it to be played on American radio. It's too bad because it is a very uber cool song. Most definitely it will be on my playlist for a while.