Saturday, July 12, 2008

No matter if I go left or right

Boy, have I missed the blogging world.

For someone whose previous out-of-the-U.S. experience had consisted of a few weeks in Costa Rica and a few trips to Canada (which barely counts, not because Canada's the same as the U.S. but because when I can get to it in about an hour--quicker than I can get to most other states besides Michigan--it's not exactly far away), the past half a year or so has been pretty amazing: four and a half months living in Sweden (cough--did I not mention that properly here?) and then following that up with random traveling around Europe itself, with the most time being spent in Germany, Croatia, and Slovenia. The post-Sweden stuff has been kind of shockingly music purchase-light, but the approximately 50 million CDs I bought in Sweden makes up for it. Toss in a quick jaunt to Orlando afterwards (it's where my older brother lives), and, along with the fact that in Europe I often wasn't sure where I would be in a few days, you've got the best I can offer as an explanation for disappearing for so long.

Anyway, as I mentioned below, I'm totally and completely out of the music loop--I haven't been able to follow anything that's been going on for more than the past month. What's fantastic? What's happening? All I know is that I'm freaking out and shouting "Oh my gosh, I love this song!" and turning up the volume every time Chris Brown's "Forever" comes on the radio and "We're so going to see this movie" every time the preview for the movie version of Mamma Mia comes on, though to be fair that's half just to drive everyone who doesn't want to see it crazy by reminding them that they will get dragged along. The best I can offer up at the moment is a perpetual pop classic which has absolutely nothing to do with anything but I adore and am going to take an excuse to post anyway (album available for purchase here [physical] or here [digital]).

Most importantly, though, I've missed everyone. Really. More cheesy amazing pop coming your way soon.


Yuяi said...

Yay! Poster Girl is back! Can't wait to read about all your adventures overseas and hear all the cool music that you'll be posting.

Welcome back!

Rick said...

Some Swedish pop you've missed:

Paul said...

thank the heavens you are back. I was suffering from withdrawalnosity with out you and feared you had run off with a tanned, lean swedish singer (i leave them sexless so you can privately add your personal preference :P) Hurrah for your return. Hurrah (does a little jig not too unlike ashlee simpson SNL but with less extreme career repercussions)

xolondon said...

welcome back! Yes yes yes Forever is great, but there's not much to inspire me on the music front right now.

Len said...

Welcome back!! With your belated return and Schlagerprick's decision to end his blog, things have been a bit pallid around the pop blogging world.

D'luv said...

Welcome back! Glad to hear you had safe travels. And welcome aboard the Chris Brown/"Forever" band wagon!

When you were gone, I got even sexier, but not much else happened.

Troy said...

WHAT?! you were in Sweden for 4 months?!

Were you there for M'fest?!

Andrew said...

YES YOUR BACK...I would check your blog every day in hopes that you had returned and you finally have. Cant wait to have you back in the full swing of things...and the remixes of Chris Browns "Forever" are out of this world if you have not heard them yet.

Mari'Jean said...

I think you were very missed while you were gone, having fun and meeting new people.
So... Europe? Man! My turn to know Europe will come, sooner or later.
France will be the first for me.
Like these guys said, I'm glad you're back and cannot wait for your news.
Welcome back!

Poster Girl said...

Awww, thanks! You know, I don't usually go into too many details about myself here, but maybe writing about some of the things I did would be interesting?

PERFECT, Rick, thanks! Being away from new Swedish music for so was leaving me with no idea where to begin.

Paul, you're so considerate ;) I've missed your way with words and your way with inventing words!

Thanks, XO! Sigh...that's disappointing to hear; where are the great songs from the summer?

WHAT?! Schlagerprick closed? Oh no! He'll be so missed.

D'luv, I did some raving post about it a while back--it's a brilliant, brilliant song! And I didn't even know that was possible.

Umm...don't throw things at me for not telling you (I wasn't totally sure how everything was going to work out)...but yes! Experienced being in the presence of the divine Perrelli as she stormed to at least one victory.

Thanks, Andrew! :) I haven't heard them yet--I'll definitely go look them up!

Oh, I had a fantastic time--I'm so sure you will too, when you eventually make it there! Of course, I'd love to visit your country, too--actually, just about everywhere, eventually...and thanks!

Adem With An E said...


We have plenty to chat about I think. Once I get this uni shit out of the way I'll email you...


Poster Girl said...

I'd love that Adem--I'll look forward to it!