Sunday, June 01, 2008

Singing "we don't care"

Hmm...I don't know what to think of the new McFly single, "One For The Radio." I mean, I approve of backing vocals that sound like a group of people shouting in unison in theory, but if you're going to make a song that talks about how much people like your songs even if they won't admit it, shouldn't it be a fantastic song with a melody that inspires everyone to sing along even without relying on that fallback? And maybe instrumental parts that have you air-guitaring or -drumming along? The word "anthemic" was tossed around afterwards, but there were loads of songs on the last (non-greatest hits) album that sounded more anthemic than that one. I get that they're going for a sort of crunchier guitar sound now, but I wonder if this particular song might have worked better with slightly different production; a lighter feel suiting a lighter melody...well, I've only heard it once, and I missed the beginning as well, so I'll have to hear it begin before I really know. I should've recorded it--it's already fading from my mind, and 3/4 of a listen is far from enough to properly judge a song. Still, it'll be on Radio 1's site soon enough, in the archives for Switch with Nick Grimshaw. Right now, though, it seemed potentially fine or maybe OKish, but not exciting.


Paul said...

I often think that McFly don't have the best lead off singles, but then tend to shine with their albums. Then when i go back and listen later to that first single, i think "oh wow actually that isn't so bad". But i totally see where you are coming from - and when you love McFly as much as you (and I!) do, you want something, well of Transylvania or We're The Young proportions.

PS i missed you while i was in Gran Canaria. I nearly video'd myself dancing to DNash Amanda at the local nightclub but then thought that was a bit rubbish of me!!

Poster Girl said...

I know what you mean (even if maybe "Please Please" was more the reverse if anything for me...I do still love it, though, but in retrospect it doesn't really show off the album's strong points)--let's hope that's what happens here! I knew you'd get where I was coming from, Paul, whether or not you agreed with me on it :)

Awww, thanks! You at least kept providing us with (pre-written) posts, though, which was great, even if you couldn't talk back to us in the comments for those posts.

I don't know what you're talking about--dancing to "Amanda" would obviously be the epitome of classy.

jonathan13 said...

I TOTALLY agree with you Paul !
I often don't like McFLY lead singles (and then like it) even if i'm one of their biggest fans since the begining.
But this time, i loved "One for the Radio". Really this is a new sound for them and i liked it.
Maybe it sounds too simple plan but i wait for the album to judge !
Thanks Poster Girl for your opinion ;)