Sunday, June 01, 2008

μ΄ένα σου βλέμμα γίνε η ζωή μου

I really was going to write about Kalomoira's new album today, but after all the cleaning and stuff I've been doing today (I know, cleaning, what a rough life), I just don't feel like actually making the decision of which song to post. Tomorrow, probably! Instead, I offer another Greek artist, one I know very little about, with a song I know even less about. In fact, I don't even know where it comes from (the perils of the various ways of translating--or what's the proper term for it, transliterating?--Greek words). Eirini Merkouri (or Irini Merkouri) has released multiple albums in Greece, with a new one apparently on the way, but I haven't been able to figure out what era or soundtrack or whatever today's song is from (I think it's recent-ish, as in within the past year or so, but I'm not even certain about that)--if anyone knows, I'd love to know!

Trexe--or "Trekse," or "Τρέξε." I'm not sure if anyone remembers Sakis's "Stous 31 Dromous," but the musical backing for this kind of reminds me of that, if faster--it's that same sort of electronic beat, like it could have been programmed on the same type of machine. There's piano added to those beats, though, which is an effect I can rarely pass up: a light squiggly upbeat dance beat accompanied by some repeated piano phrase (see also: my love for Anthony Callea's "Wanna Be The One"). Catchy, full, but not heavy, "Trexe" is pretty lovely--you could definitely dance to this, but you don't have to, and, though there's definitely a time for music that commands you to the dancefloor, it's nice to have this sort of dance that you can just allow to pleasantly wash over and through you.

As I said, I have no idea what this song is from, so the best I can do is say that you can buy Eirini Merkouri's most recent album, Argises, which does not contain "Trexe," here (physical) or here (digital).

Next up: probably Kalomoira.


kevin (ru) said...

Off-topic: today finally I got my hands on a gift from Belgrade -
Charlotte's promo pack signed personally for me by Fredrik Kempe right next to his holy words of "Hero".
How completely fabulous!

Poster Girl said...

Next you'll be telling me you were cheering for Malta ;) No, I love the Schlagerboys I do...

How amazing, though! Fredrik Kempe! That's like royalty--actually, better than royalty! Especially for you, given how much you love his work.

weetabx said...

You might want to check out an older song of Irini Merkouri, "Meine", written by Kontopoulos, in the same vein as "Trekse". I think it remains her biggest hit to date.

Rick said...

grabbing thanks.

JC Rodriguez said...

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