Friday, May 30, 2008

Like a million others want to do

This song comes via a request, but truth be told I've been feeling the urge to post it anyway (I wouldn't usually post a song that I discovered when another blog posted it, but The Eye-Pod has gone invited readers only, meaning you can't even see the original post anymore, let alone get the song from it).

As far as I know, British boy band Hyrise's only flirtation with fame came from participating in the UK's national final for Eurovision, Making Your Mind Up, in 2004. They didn't win, but their song, "Leading Me On," was, in my eyes, by far the best of the entries in MYMU that year, though I've got no idea if they could have actually sung it live at Eurovision; it's also one of my favorite boy band songs around. The four person group included one Scott-Lee, Anthony, previously a member of 3SL (who released the fantastic "Take It Easy," a song with a little bit of a Five "Keep On Moving" vibe and that I would have adored an album in the vein of, before apparently deciding to throw that away with the disappointing "Touch Me Tease Me," after which they disappeared); his brother Andy, another former 3SL member, would go on to compete in MYMU the following year. Maxwell Roche, another member, had previously been on the second season Pop Idol and, though he made it through some eliminations, wasn't a finalist...unlike Andy Scott-Lee, who did make it to the finals that year.

The now-biggest former member of the group? Ben Barnes...a.k.a. the guy playing Prince Caspian in the new movie. Random, right? And, if I'm venturing a guess, I'd say that's the reason for the revived interest/request.

(I can't find the fourth member's full name online--his first name is Matt, but if someone knows his last name, please let me know; it feels wrong to go over all the members except one. And if he's got some connection to Andy Scott-Lee, so much the better.)

Leading Me On--I mentioned not too long ago that I can't ever really put into words what distinguishes a great boy band song from a not-great one; whatever it is, though, this song has it. And that's enough for me. Plus, I'm not sure whether it's my imagination just putting the song into context, but there's just something about the song and the group that seems so much less off-putting than most of the boy bands people are attempting to launch nowadays. It's sweet, it's catchy (really really catchy, but not in a hit-you-over-the-head way), it's just works for me.

I don't know of anywhere where you can buy this song...I guess the closest thing I can do, music-wise, is link you to 3SL's "Take It Easy," the single for which you can buy here (physical).

Next up: maybe a Belgian singer.


D'luv said...

He was Prince Caspian in, er, Prince Caspian!? Scandal!

Awww....3SL. They never really happened. Nor did big sis Lisa SL. Sigh. Steps shoulda never split up. They'd totally be the U2 of this generation.

Anonymous said...

Oh this is catchy!!

Thanks for this, I can't ever get enough of these kind of pop songs.


Rick said...

Wow, PG. Thank you very much for keeping the Eurovision flame alive during this time when most people have nothing to write about.

I forgot how much I liked this song. Thanks for reminding me of it. All the talk about 'girls' is unconvincing from at least 2 of the members.

Anonymous said...

The UK has a habit of sending the crappest of the songs every year from the selection.
Completely forgot how much i loved this song years ago lol.

By the way have you heard the new 'Monrose' single 'Strike The Match'? its really amazing summery electro-pop.
Also US5 have a new song 'Relax' which is another very good summer pop anthem though with a twinge of hip hop :(


Poster Girl said...

Talk to H and Claire about it, D'luv!

Me neither Turnaround--and it's no problem! :)

Eurovision season never has to end--or at least, that's what I keep telling myself; I like to think of it as "keeping the flame alive," as opposed to "crazily obsessive." And yeah, I think that picture might be in the dictionary next to "fiercely heterosexual."

I keep thinking the UK is going to turn things around...I'm pretty sure I heard a clip of the new Monrose song, but that's it--I'll have to go look it up! "Hot Summer" remains a-MAZ-ing. And another new US5 song already? That's so quick!

Anonymous said...

I also got 'Kalimoira' from Eurovisions new album today and have to say its amazing dance-pop, plenty of a schlager type songs.
You must check out 'Sto Diko Mou Rythmo' and 'Hot', they are both amazing summery dancey pop songs.


Poster Girl said...

Conor, we're so on the same page today (well, we'll see about the exact songs ;) )--before reading this, I'd been listening to Kalomoira's new album all morning while cleaning! I'll definitely be posting one of her songs as today's song.

pirate said...

Agh! I didn't even know he was Princ Caspian!! AHAHAHHAHA!

Well, thanks anyway! One of my
British girlfriends mentioned them
a while back and I happened upon your site. But THANK YOU so much for the link!

Anonymous said...

I love this song! I've been on YouTube all the time listening. They can't dance that well though...
And it is kinda rediculous that Ben Barnes was in a boyband. Oh well. Without this "kick-start" he might not have made it as Prince Caspian!
He should really put out an album. Every girl I know (including myself) would buy it :P!
Oh and thanks for the link!!! :D

Cherry said...

Hi thanks for posting this! The link doesn't seem to work (for me?) though, it keeps redirecting me back to the same page, is it possible that you post it again? Thanks! :)