Wednesday, May 21, 2008

You think and dream of me

Random thoughts on the semifinal:

Bosnia & Herzegovina is now falling in my opinion; the performance was actually a little TOO odd for me. I know that's a strange complaint, given that it's always had an odd performance and given that the song itself is odd, but all I can say is I felt myself getting distanced from the song as they performed, which isn't a good thing.

As I kind of thought they would, Armenia delivered a great Helena Paparizou/Ruslana/Ani Lorak-type performance, fun and flirty, which did make me like the song a lot more (blame the big hair?)--to steal the Schlagerprick and Posh & Becks review system, it went from maybe a three to a four for me. I'm still holding out on fully loving it, though.

I was mildly surprised to see the Netherlands not make it through--I still don't think the song is amazing by any stretch, but I thought her solid kind of Eurovision diva-type performance would help her through.

Isis Gee (Poland) is American, right? Yup, that was a classy American-style orange tan right some really bright white teeth.

Oh, and yes, I did indeed love Rebeka's spacey bondage performance (though it was Andorra that our announcer compared to C-3PO, I think).

Probably more random thoughts to come later.


Rick said...

Great commentary.

B&H is very odd but it must be a great in-joke for the locals because the audience seemed to love it.

I hear what you are saying about Armenia - but it was one of the few last night with some actual passion, plus its unusual melody was still catchy. You can use the phrase 'Ha-ci-ya- hold tight' in substitution of 'qe-qe-qe qe-le' you know.

NL come with a very appropriate, professional song every year that almost never catches fire. They have a big rock scene in NL, they ought to send someone like Anouk to tear up the place.

I was personally shocked to see Poland go through. That song was totally forgettable and the orange look and strange exposed bra she was wearing were enough to put me off, anyway.

Slovenia seriously need to reconsider what they submit - they are always sending something just a bit off. I was kind of in love with last year's bearded entry though.

All I can say is that Charlotte better pull it off on Thursday.

And don't forget:
Uno: el brikindans
Dos: el crusaíto
Tres: el maiquelyason
Cuatro: el robocop

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Poster Girl said...

OK, now if that's actually true about Armenia, it might get bumped up to the next tier--I'm so trying that out the next time around!

Interesting idea about Anouk!

I've got my fingers crossed that Charlotte delivers a performance that takes the stage and camera by storm...

Schlagerprick said...

I like the way I'm being credited even though I just nicked the system off Posh & Becks too haha ;)

Anyone think Rebeka should have worn antennae on springs?