Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Like sunshine on a rainy day

A quick break from Eurovision coverage to mention some Swedish news:

I got my Rix FM CD and was thrilled to see that Tony Nilsson was one of the co-writers for Ola's new single "Feelgood" (the other is J. Myrin, presumably Jonas Myrin edit: iTunes reveals that, yup, it's him). Love him--I'm so glad Ola's continuing to work with him/serve as a vehicle for his songs. Speaking of songwriters, I didn't realize Sophia Somajo co-wrote Vincent's "Miss Blue" until now.

Magnus Carlsson is apparently releasing a new single--but don't get too excited; it's taken from his album from last year. The choice? "Crazy Summer Nights," the song I would have gone with as the second single, a summer single for 2007...better late than never, I suppose. It comes with a bunch of remixes (which I haven't heard) and "What About Love," a song I posted last year from the deluxe version of the album--it (and "Crazy Summer Nights") is still brilliant, though I can't be too excited considering 1.) it's already been released, and 2.) I'm not expecting "Crazy Summer Nights" to do hugely well, though I hope I'm wrong--I'm just guessing, considering the amount of time that has passed since the album and that I haven't really sensed momentum behind Magnus's recent releases (which would be the difference between Måns's successful "Miss America" from an album released about the same time and "Crazy Summer Nights").

The tracklisting on the back of Kleerup's album is hurting my eyes. You know the font and the color of the title on the front? The same ones are used for the tracklisting, only they're on top of a white background and not only is each song title not given its own line, words themselves are broken up from line to line. It's enough to give me a headache.


Paul said...

I just got a promo of the magnus cd and i rushed here to see wtf was going on! Still i'm all for a few crazy summer nights. I'll zip it for ya and send it your way. My rix fm cd hasn't arrived. Boo those whores...

D'luv said...

Have you heard the Kleerup song he did on Cyndi Lauper's new album (out Tuesday)? Pretty good stuff!

Poster Girl said...

Paul, I would offer to send you the songs on it you're interested in, but I think it's being "available" elsewhere for a while now and given how you find things, you've probably got anything you want!

D'luv, only a clip of it, the one that was playing on that official site or fan site or whatever it was a while's the one that's got exactly the same musical backing as "Thank You For Nothing," right? I have to say, I love TYFN so much (it's been on his MySpace for a while) that I'm not sure how I'll react to hearing it with a different vocal melody (heck, with a vocal melody--there aren't exactly a lot of vocals on the original) on top, but I'm interested in the album and open to liking the song!