Saturday, May 24, 2008

I just let it go

Sorry about the lack of post yesterday--if I had had time to write, it would have been about the clips from Kate Ryan's new album (with thanks to Alex for letting me know about them); if you haven't heard them yet, you should know that there are two sets since Kate will be releasing two versions of the album--in most cases, the songs are the same, but in one version a few of the songs are in French and in one version they're in English (both versions contain some French songs and some English songs, though). "Sweet Mistake" and "A La Folie" are the same song, as are "Your Eyes" and "Tes Yeux;" same's true for "Who Do You Love" and "Pour Quel Amour." Listen to clips from the more-French-songs version here and clips from the more-English-songs version here. As Robpop points out, one of the songs, "I Surrender," is a Clea cover. The duet with Soraya I mentioned a while ago is on the album as well, near the end on the German/international version (the one with more French language songs) and near the beginning on the Spanish version (the one with more English language songs).

We've already got four songs from this album (which is thirteen tracks long), and yet I'm still incredibly excited for it to come out. It comes out next week, the day depending on the country

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