Thursday, May 22, 2008

Staying alive

Been wondering about jury votes at all? I've read in several places (none official, though, but with some quoting official sources--has anyone seen that?) that the back-up juries' votes didn't end up making a difference for the tenth country to qualify for the first semifinal and we won't get the official announcement to let us know about what just happened until Saturday...but if you've been wondering how the UK's jury voted, you can get something of an idea:

12 - Sweden
10 - Ukraine
8 - Iceland
7- Belarus
6 - Malta
1 - Hungary

It's not complete and a little fuzzy around the edges (at the bottom), but still, well done to the UK--and no, that's not just me guessing at numbers (thank you!).


D said...

wtf??!! Bulgaria isn't in the finale... I know that the girl didn't sing good but..God..and these pirates are worst than the turkey :D damn...
but Sweden was good, Iceland was good too.. I almost like them :D

I hope Israel win this competition..

D'luv said...

Dustin The Turkey's already won in my heart...

D'luv said...

IN FACT, Dustin The Turkey should have won American Idol, but it, like most things in life, was rigged.

Paul said...

don't pity poor dustin just yet. He's all over the media!!

And yay UK voters. We do get things right very occassionally. Sorry about Jemini :P

PS ~ Did you know Andy "1 single and 2 albums" Abrahams has a greatest hits out!!!!

Poster Girl said...

I thought I even remembered the girl for Bulgaria doing well! Shame for you all--I hope you keep choosing great, exciting songs like that!

Ugh--keep him, D'luv! I'll still with Eurobandið--not annoying and a much better song.

Really, Paul? Gosh, that's a stretch...