Saturday, May 24, 2008

Can do it all?

For now, I'll just say this: the Schlagerboy effect strikes again in Malta!

(Or at least, that's how I like to think of it.)


kevin (ru) said...

That was my first thought, too!

p.s. OMG, Eurovision is coming to my home city...

Baszjuh said...

Malta always is schlager orientated ;) They also gave Edislia 8 points last year when almost no one voted for her either :( And Malta knows what good songs are... I mean Vertigo was a very cool track!

Rick said...

Don't talk to me, I can't see through my tears that I'm crying for Sweden's treatment.


Anonymous said...

Im quite shocked Charlotte did so crap in Eurovision. 18th was extremely rubbish after her great performance.
This year & the last two have both seen boring annoying songs win though lol.

D'luv said...

Did the damn turkey win this trash yet?

Poster Girl said...

Kevin, you're lucky! Well, not if you were really hoping to get to travel, but otherwise, how convenient! Congrats for that, and on winning, whatever your thoughts of the song itself were! Those probable expenses have knocked off a little of my must-make-it-in-2009 enthusiasm, though ;)

Maybe I need to move to Malta, then? ;) They really do have good music taste.

Rick, actually, scrap the moving to Malta plan--let's all move to San Marino and Andorra with a couple thousand of our closest friends so we can barrage phonelines and make sure something like this never happens again, or at least minimize the damage if it does. (Oh wait--did they use juries?)

Let's hope for next year! The final itself was pretty great, though, which is helpful in still ensuring the contest is worth watching, even when your (generic your, not your your) favorites don't win.

Fifteenth out of nineteen in the first of two semifinals, D'luv. Maybe you should write him a letter of support--I don't expect he's too bothered, though!